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Request Shop Doodle Requests (OPEN)

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Wanna practice some anatomy and poses so I'm taking doodle requests! Feel free to drop a ref pic in and I'll doodle your character or a character of your choosing. Will also do icons if so desired! Ask for shading if you want it, I love shading

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I feel really weird being the first one here.. is that normal?


I have her! Honestly, anything you do is fine by me! Tysm for this opportunity, btw. Hope a lot more people end up finding this.

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Welcome to MLP Forums, @HeartTheCat19! Not even halfway into your first day here and you're already offering art requests? You're in my awesome book already. :pinkie:

I'd love to see what you do with my alicorn - here's a rough reference:


This poner should be sized and built approximately like Luna - tall and slender. I'll get a proper reference made one of these days that reflects this and a few other updates...

Some flavour text you may use for inspiration or choose to ignore: he has godlike cosmic powers (yes, I know), boundless passion for the science of magic, and is an inventor of futuristic sci-fi technology.

Shading would be really awesome but I echo @Neoeryn's sentiment that I'll appreciate whatever it is you want to draw. It's very generous of you to offer your time like this as an artist like this so it's most important to me that it's fun for you. :ooh: Thank you for doing this!

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9 hours ago, HeartTheCat19 said:

@Neoeryn Did this real quick to warm up since I haven't drawn in a few days, just a bust bc I tried a few fullbodies but couldn't get the limbs to work with me oop

MLPF 1.png

Oh, that's alright! I love it, though! Your style is super adorable! :wub:

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