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Okay, so I posted up your favorite pony calendars for the year 2021 on my DeviantArt page and here they are! I also made Spike calendar too since they requested me that! I updated them from the 2020 ones, so you can see the numbers well with shadow and light emphasis on any respective pony coat color for those with eye problems or difficult to see.


Mane 6 + Spike

Princess Twilight Sparkle












Rainbow Dash



Pinkie Pie





Royal Princesses

Princess Celestia


Princess Luna


Princess Cadance/Cadence


Thank you and enjoy! :D If you wish that you want more pony calendars with more characters (additional background ponies, non-pony characters, etc.), then you can request me that here on this thread or on DeviantArt.

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Although Princess Twilight is my favorite pony, the Luna calendar is my favorite one. I think the darker coloring really works. It makes the months and day numbers really stand out. Great work!

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No need to use spoilers when sharing your own art, as the entire purpose of an art-sharing thread is to show it off. 

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37 minutes ago, The Wife of Hawks said:


No need to use spoilers when sharing your own art, as the entire purpose of an art-sharing thread is to show it off. 

Because when someone visits my topic for my own art with the calendars I made, I just put them in spoiler boxes and I'll let them see for themselves by expanding the spoiler boxes to reduce the height of my original post. So if the purpose of fan art is to show it off to the others, then I'll let them look at my art in just one click on this topic. I hope you enjoy what I made for everyone basically of their favorite pony characters.

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There's more I can share for you guys! Sorry for not posting them since. The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Starlight Glimmer, and Trixie! More ponies and non-pony characters will come soon upon your request!

The Cutie Mark Crusaders

Apple Bloom




Sweetie Belle



Starlight Glimmer





Also, you can let me move these pictures to the top if you wish.

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