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On 2021-09-28 at 10:26 PM, The Wife of Rengoku said:

Oh, definitely. Class 1-A were going to be the winners but we all knew that :maud:

I would have been content with a tie, honestly.

The fight between Todoroki & Tetsutetsu was great. I thought that Tetsutetsu’s quirk being able to withstand extreme heat was a great idea and it was also welcoming to see Todoroki struggle against another student in combat. He is such a powerful student but being reminded he can still encounter students on a similar level is something I like to see every now and again.


I was happy with a tie as well, since both team really shown potential of outsmarting and overcoming each other's quirks. Tetsutestu has really grown a lot and I'm glad too. Otherwise the part when he also got killed wouldn't mean nothing. I wished it the same with the other matches though. Although the one with momo's wasn't too bad either and I was glad 1-b won on this round. The mushroom girl is pretty villainous though! 

Overall I'm still disappointed that we lacks so screen time for the 1-b since they seems so much more interesting, hopefully we get to see them more in the movie. 

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Are fan clubs appropriate places to give overall thoughts on something, positive AND negative? Reason I ask is because I have a lot to say about this show. If not then feel free to move my post to a different thread. 



So a now former friend of mine was pestering me to watch MHA. I mean, really pestering me. He seemed to adore it so I decided to give it a go. I finished the Overhaul arc a little bit back and watched a few episodes after that, but I doubt I will continue it further. This is because MHA, in the end, is just another one. Another showcase to why I have such a massive love/hate relationship with anime. While it certainly is not as bad as some others I've seen, it has so many things in it that I find infuriating and even moreso because it does have merit in some ways and some of my favorite moments in anime history. The shot after All Might tells Deku he can become a hero is burned into my mind and I love it. The shot at of Overhaul's face at the end of that fight is also incredible. 

What do I love about MHA? Mainly two things; The characters (characters are both a positive and negative) and the setting. There are quite a few characters I adore here. Deku is someone I grew to love. He is not OP from the beginning, he has an admirable goal but has to struggle so much to get there. I love seeing that, it makes you want him to succeed, whereas so many anime protagonists are just overpowered cliches. All Might, someone I really was unsure of at first glance, is one of my favorites ever. He is just awesome. Extremely powerful, but with his own flaws and weaknesses. He is basically Superman done right. I love his personality and his Japanese voice actor was perfect. Even Bakugo I ended up liking more even if his justifications are still nebulous at best. There are other characters too that I like such as Shiguraki and Dabi, also Overhaul was dope, but those are the main ones I really like. OH, and Stain. He is f**king ace, one of the my favorite villains. 

The setting; I do love the concept overall that most of the world is now superpowered, because it creates interesting views at society through this lens. It shows how celebrity worship and fame corrupts the essence of being someone who fights for good and it also shows the extreme inequality towards those either without powers or with powers that simply are not seen as beneficial to society. That is a very cool concept and with Stain, the first part of that was really amplified. 

What do I really dislike? Lots. Namely certain characters and conveniences the writers make just because. 

There are simply put some terrible characters in MHA. Mirio, Eri, any of the female characters who are all just "tits and ass", so many characters are nothing more than typical Japanese bullshit, especially in the sexism department. I will get to the other characters in a bit, but first I want to highlight the absolute worst;


I've seen a lot of anime in my time. I've seen plenty of shitty characters as a result since the Japanese love their shitty characters. I;ve even seen plenty of cliche pervert characters because again, Japan loves their sexism. Absolutely NOTHING gets worse than Mineta. Mineta is the biggest piece of shit character I've ever encountered in one of these shows. Not only is his character simply horrid, basically existing as a soon-to-be rapist, but him even existing as a character makes no sense at all. 

Mineta pissed me off the very moment he came into frame. He is written horribly, lazily and doesn't offer an ounce of humor that isn't written for an immature 12 year old (or Japan, I guess). Every single damn joke revolving around him is "Heh heh, sexual harassment is funny." or some variation of that. This show clearly knows how to write humor, it knows how to portray good characters, so them including this miserable pile of filth is them spitting on their own creation. 

Well, that's what I would say if the writers were aware of that. Instead, clear as day, the writers think they are some comedic f**king geniuses with Mineta because why else would he even exist and why would he get so many "jokes" and appearances? They clearly think Mineta is hilarious comedy gold when he is the exact opposite, but they keep shoving him into our face as if we are supposed to laugh at "boobs". Oh wait, this is the same writer that makes so many of the female characters into fetish material. This is Japan, what was I expecting. 

You wanna know what pisses me off the most about him? The fact that his character, like I said, doesn't even make sense. Think back to the entrance exam. What was the goal? To reach a certain number of points based on destroying enemy robots and the performance at doing so. If one is unable to do that, showing immense heroism can do the trick, like Deku did. Now with what we know now about Mineta, let me ask a simple question; How in the ever living shit did Mineta pass that exam? In what universe does Mineta even have a single sliver of hope to come close to passing that? His quirk is sticky balls, because hur hur balls are funny. We seen when the League attacked the first time that Mineta is a sniveling coward who can barely even use his worthless ball ability in the first place and it was only by total chance that it worked in that scenario, also want to point out that Tsu, another fetish female character, says that both Deku and Mineta are "amazing", which is such tone deaf writing that it makes me cringe any time I think back on it. Mineta literally just threw a bunch of balls into a stream while crying like a little bitch and it just so happened to be somewhat useful at that moment. That isn't "amazing", calling that amazing is just cliche writing and the writers getting high off of their own fumes. 

So with that established, again, how did Mineta pass the entrance exam? Here's how: Because the writers wanted him in so they could bombard us with their godawful sense of humor. That's it. They literally break their own rules to make sure this piece of shit character gets into UA and it infuriates me. We know for a fact that Mineta has no fighting ability at this point and his quirk would be damn near useless at the exam and we sure as hell know he isn't capable of heroic acts since he is a selfish dipshit who just wants to bang chicks. Which by the way, that's another thing. Stain, amazing villain like I said, what is his viewpoint? That heroes of the modern age are self absorbed twats who only care about the money and the attention and he wants heroes to go back to what they were: Self sacrificing symbols for the greater good, like All Might. That's cool. It is like how ultra rich celebrities in our world do basically nothing with their immense power and just feed off of being worshipped by us commoners while the world burns. Stain wants to kill heroes who are the worst offenders. Look no further than Mineta. When he is being fought by Lady "Cliche Tits and Ass #6000", he is supposedly having a big moment where he goes on about why he wants to be a hero. He wants to be a hero because...he wants to be famous so he can get laid. That's it. He says it himself! And this is supposed to be a moment where we root for him?! Are the writers high? Well, yes, off their own fumes like I said. This means Mineta is the antithesis to what Stain believes in. Even if Mineta is just a teen, I feel that Stain would decapitate him immediately if they met face to face, though knowing the writers they would make Stain adore Mineta because self indulgence is so painfully obvious when it is like this, much like how obvious it is that you are putting fetishes into your work. 

So yeah, that's Mineta. A total disgrace of a character that the writers simply adore and his presence brought this show down for me every single time. I had to force myself through any of his sections. 

Then there are characters like Mirio and Eri. Won't go into as much detail obviously because I would be here forever, but these are two important characters that the show wants us to care about but again, bad writing and cliches get in the way. Eri is the oh so typical "poor wittle defenseless girl who is so cute and innocent KAWAII", whereas Mirio is the cliche "I am just positive all the time yeah we can do it!" Gary Stu. This combo of cliches is why the show started to lose me with the Overhaul arc, even though Overhaul himself is pretty dope. Eri is pure damsel in distress with really nothing else to her character. Yeah, she has a messed up past and all that, but during this arc we get nothing else. I was rolling my eyes towards Deku's and Mirio's ridiculous obsession towards her. Yeah, clearly she was in trouble, but there are people in trouble all the time, children included. There is no reason to so insanely obsess over this one girl. You can't exactly do that as a hero, you have to have even ground. Then of course her quirk which is so painfully obvious to be a Deus Ex Machina. It was that after all during the Overhaul fight. I know Mirio gets his quirk back because of Eri. That wasn't a spoiler for me because I called it immediately, because the Japanese are simply not that great at subtlety most of the time. That really dampened by enthusiasm for the show because now I know they can possibly use her for whatever they want down the line and that will be insufferable to watch. 

Mirio is simple. He is bland, forgettable, and nothing special. He is like a diet All Might without anything that makes All Might interesting. He just shows up, is a super badass because of course and is the most upbeat positive person on the planet omg he is so nice and cool. That's all there is to him. It is like he isn't allowed to have emotions other than cliche upbeatness. He cried when Nighteye died, but that didn't last long. He was soon super chipper and back at it because he is just so pure and he didn't want to make the all important god queen Eri sad. Generic. Seriously, just look at his friggin motivation and backstory up to that point. We get one vague flashback with his dad and all we get is "I wanna be a fine hero!" Wow. How unique. It isn't like everyone at UA (besides Mineta obvs) wants to be a good hero or anything. It also isn't like that is already the motivation for the main friggin character. So Mirio gets the same motivation as Deku but without anything that makes Deku so compelling. It is just "Dad I wanna be a great hero!" and his dad is like "I know you can be one!". God, how unbelievably boring and bare minimum. Funny too because the supposed UA Big 3, which are supposed to be a huge deal, out of the 3, one is a generic Gary Stu, another is yet more boobies and nothing else and the third, who's name escapes me, Mr Are What You Eat, I liked him a lot, but of course the main focus is on the bland guy. 

There are some other issues I have with the show like how the anime is being censored which is such garbage, that was another thing that killed my motivation to continue, knowing that they are going to continue to pansy out with the anime. I also eventually got over the slice of life stuff because seeing the same mostly one note characters doing regular things just isn't interesting after a while. It eventually feels like padding.

Like I said, this stuff wouldn't bother me so much if there wasn't things I love about MHA. I love the league of Villains, All Might is awesome, and the overall deeper meanings of the setting are so good, but it all is bogged down by the same old tired stereotypes that every friggin anime embraces. It made me look back to why I loved Attack On Titan so much in its early days. It just nailed it and it usually avoided cliches, for the most part. The of course that show went into oblivion so anime and manga continue to be a clusterf**k for me.


I know that's a lot of criticism from me but if you still enjoy the show up to this day, that is awesome, I envy you, truly. Once I started to realize the formula that most anime uses, it has made it very difficult for me to enjoy them and MHA reminds me of that. 

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I’m reading the manga and watched a few anime eps. Brought the next 6 volumes home today, then I’ll probably need to request, the library I work at doesn’t have more. 

how is the anime getting censored? You mean cause it shows less gore than manga scenes?

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