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When MLP Forums needs a another moderator, we consider those who have exhibited solid understanding of our guidelines/rules, self discipline, good social skills, and a strong willingness to learn.

 @Splashee now takes on a purple coat for his new, corresponding Royal Guard rank!

Working alongside @Zero, @Totally Lyra, @Creamy Arty, @C. Thunder Dash@Lightwing, and @Lucid_Nightlight, he will help continue to keep MLP Forums safe and ban those who refuse to watch My Hero Academia.

Welcome, Splashee! We know you’ll do well :squee:



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This is the first time I learned about this. Once again, I really need to be more attentive.

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53 minutes ago, Treeglow Flicker said:

Congrats and all those other warm fuzzy feelings! :kirin:

Aww, thanks! Fuzzy? Very sharpened feeling :secret: (if that makes sense?)

59 minutes ago, Jesse Terrence said:

So, what works now?

Officer Splashee or Sheriff Splashee?

Still, Pony Splashee will do :kindness:

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