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My Favourite Mane 6 Pony

Pinkie Pie

How did you find MLP Forums?

I pretty much found this site after watching a video from LittleshyFiM, wherein the video description showed a link to the "What Is a brony?!" website. That website pretty much linked me here to the forums and the rest was history.

How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Well I became a brony during Middle School, I moved a lot when I was younger and luckily Texas was the place that my family decided to settle down on. Back then not many people were into the kinds of anime and video games I was into, so it was really hard to make friends. Luckily I ended up meeting a friend who had some of the same interest as me, he also happened to be a fan of a show called "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic". I was a little hesitant to watch it at first (Season 3 was airing around this time), but once I watched the first season I was instantly hooked and fell in love with the show and all of it's characters. That single friend also introduced me to what being a brony was and how the fandom work, it was a pretty exciting time for me (We sadly don't hangout anymore due to us going to different school and having a little of a falling out).

Now I sorta stopped watching the show after Rainbow Rocks aired for reasons that I don't want to talk about during my High School years. After I graduated last year, I just recently found an MLP video on recommended list on Youtube and was hesitant to watch it at first, but gave it a shot anyway which kicked me back into the fandom again (I had no idea the show spanned off to have 9 seasons, that's crazy). So right now I have a lot of catching up to do lol.

Yo everybody (or everypony? I got to get used to saying that), I'm GatebreakerGT but you can just call me Gate. I'm just some lucky guy who ended up being a fan of MLP and Dragon Ball at the same (This is also my first time using a forum like ever so yeah). I usually enjoy doing things such as video editing, making memes on photoshop, drawing (I draw whatever really comes to mind but i'm trying to practice drawing ponies, I mainly just draw Dragon Ball or Video Game characters), playing video games (I mainly play fighting games but I like other genres too), watching TV shows/cartoons/anime, talking about Dragon Ball, and a tiny bit of animation but I'm still learning. 

I'm pretty passionate about all the things I create or do and I really want to start creating more MLP related things, so I'm hoping to make some friends here and meet new people in this fandom with similar interest as me. I also hope to get my YouTube channel officially going someday where I can frequently upload my video edits for a living or maybe make analysis video and such, I guess it depends on what the future holds. Anyway, I can't wait to make some new friends and see what this place has to offer! 

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Why hello there! And welcome to MLPF

And can I just say it is awesome that you're a dragonball fan? We certainly have people (like myself) who are into dragonball and other anime. 

I see you also draw. Well, why not open a request shop or even a commission shop? You'll have to talk to a certain admin if you wanna open a commission shop. @Pathfinder

I also notice that this is your first time using a forum. Well, make yourself at home! We don't bite around here. 

We also have quite the roleplaying scene here. If you've never roleplayed before, we've got plenty of people (including myself) who could show you the ropes. 

Anyway, I do hope you enjoy your stay here at MLPF!

~C.Thunder Dash

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Suuuup Gate! Welcome to Ponyville. I mean uhh...Little Horse..Village. Very original name you see. :P Reading your post, I love your expression of your passions, I think that is awesome. :BrightMacContent:

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@GatebreakerGT or Gate as you prefer. Welcome to MLPF! Since you love to draw, feel free to post your works in Ocatvia's Hall where the other fan artists hang out. If you feel confident in your ability you can even eventuality earn a few extra bits with a Commissions Shop. 

Hope to see you hanging around 



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Hi @GatebreakerGTand welcome to these forums from as well! I hope you have a good time here and make some great friends and memories!

Really cool artwork! I like animes too :) You seem like a very interesting person pony. I think I'll follow you a bit around :D

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Hey there Gate, welcome to the forum!

I'm Kadae! I really love tea and Octavia. :squee:

I hope to see your posts around here and that your stay is incredible! :mlp_yeehaa:

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