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If there was ever a series to win the award of “most adorable franchise” it would probably be the Kirby series!

I’ve played almost every Kirby game and they’re all pretty fun and easy to get through too!

My favorites would be Return to Dreamland, Epic Yarn, Kirby 64 and Triple Deluxe!

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I’ve known what Kirby can do since he’s never missed a Super Smash Bros game, and that series was created by the same mastermind as the one who created Kirby, Masahiro Sakurai. I never really got into the series until I decided to start watching the old cartoon, Kirby Right Back At Ya, which I must admit I really enjoyed. I also purchased Kirby Super Star on Wii U eShop a while back, but never finished unlocking the whole game. I did enjoy what I managed to accomplish, but hopefully I’m able to get my hands on the ever elusive Kirby’s Return to Dreamland someday

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I loved Kirby 64 back in the day, but I'm afraid I have had a hard time playing any other Kirby game. I hate to sound shallow, but I think part of it is in the visuals. Kirby 64 was a 2D platformer like all other Kirby games, but it didn't look like one, the environments were all in full 3D, it's just that Kirby was going down a set path. I wish they'd make a Kirby game like that again.

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