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This is a club for fully grown Twiilight, or big Twi, or super-size Twi, or ruler Twi, or whatever you want to call her.  The Last Problem Twilight.  I felt like this was different enough to warrant a separate thread from the regular Twilight one, but if the mods determine otherwise, that's fine.

I just love big Twi.  I was always rather gah-gah for Twilight, but big Twi even more so.  She's everything I wish I was, everything I want, everything I will never be, and everything I will never have.  To me, she is the most regal, graceful, noble, wise, wonderful, charming, and beautiful creature ever created in all of fiction.  And like all of these characters, it's her personality that makes her so special, and why simply drawing a beautiful, mythical creature with no identity wouldn't have the same effect.  Twilight always had the most relatable personality for me.  I wish I could be her, but I also wish I could be her royal advisor, while also being married to her at the same time.

I always wondered what she's like as a ruler day to day.  What sort of habits does she have?  I have these silly headcanons... like... okay, so this is gonna sound goofy, and you're gonna be like, "the hell is he going with this?", but just stick with me.  I always liked the way Starlight was able to fly herself with telekinesis.  (And Starswirl seemed to be able to do the same thing.)  It always kinda ground my gears that Twilight never seemed to figure out how to do that.  She caught herself from falling in midair, but never actually moved herself with telekinesis.  And yet, she was clearly the strongest telekinetic in Equestria, demonstrating an ability to lift the heaviest of objects with ease (including a large sailboat carrying four ponies!)  There seemed to be a mental block where it just never dawned on her to trying flying herself.  And I guess that once she had wings, she never felt the need to try.  But I always fantasized about her flying herself with telekinesis with as much speed and power as Superman.  I.e. she'd be able to break the sound barrier.  Yeah, I know, I know--that would have severely crushed what made Rainbow and the Wonderbolts special, which is why I'm actually glad they never did it on the show.  People already complained enough about her being a Mary Sue--could you imagine the fallout if they'd had her fly like that?

Anyway, I don't see anything wrong with fantasizing about her being overpowered in the future.  Given her telekinetic abilities, it just doesn't seem far fetched that she'd eventually be able to fly herself like Superman.  So, I like to imagine her flying like that as fully grown ruler Twi, but I also have another silly headcanon that I've been thinking about recently.  I imagine that with all the stresses of being head honcho, she has a daily routine of "me time" in the morning to stay sane.  I imagine that this routine entails her meditating for 20 minutes or so, and she does this while levitating herself in the sky, high above the clouds, a mile above the ground, possibly hanging upside down.  She would do that because it would be the quietest, most peaceful, most isolated place one could ever find.  She'd suspend herself like that for awhile, then when she'd finished, she'd just let go and enjoy the free fall until she'd almost hit the ground, then catch herself and set herself down gently and gracefully, then she'd go for a 20 minute walk in White Tail Woods or something before flying back to the castle, this time with her wings so they get some exercise.  And that's it--that would be her morning "me time" routine.  I know I'm an odd duck, but for some reason it just makes me smile to imagine her doing that.  :D

If the mods think this is too weird and all over the place for a fan club, that's fine.  :derp:

And here's some pictures of that divine creature.




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  • The title was changed to Future Twilight Fan Club

Hey there! Helped you out a little and switched the title to "Future Twilight Fan Club". 

I really like how the animators and artists kept Celestia's design for Future Twilight. She looks amazing with that ethereal flowing mane. 

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Courageous Thunder Dash, just to be contrarian, I could argue that this is future Twilight:


I mean, I just kiddin', it's fine, but, y'know, when you do a google image search for "grown up twilight", you get the Celestia's sized one, and when you do "future Twilight", you get Solid Sparkle.  :ticking:

Anyway, I loved that they made her design similar to Celestia, but not exactly the same.  Twilight isn't just a Celestia recolor.  In fact, here's a fan-made Celestia recolor, and you can instantly see the difference, and not just in the mane and tail.  Her face and eyes are distinctly different as well:


They kept the real grown-up Twi completely unique, and totally Twilight, and it's perfect.  Plus her gold accessories are different.

I found a picture of her without the gold accessories, too.  I love it.  Check it out:


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Remove spoilers - they detract from a very visual thread.
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This thread needs way, way more love. Final Form Twi is best Twi! Here's the gorgeous picture I cropped my avatar from:



Or better yet, the animated version!





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  • The title was changed to Fully Grown Twilight Sparkle Fan Club
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