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Technology Art software lags my drawing (mouse and pen)

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Recently, my Krita art software has been acting up. Whenever I draw, there is a delay which makes creating shapes extremely difficult. This occurs with both my mouse and my pen. Here are the steps I have taken so far (in no particular order):

- I uninstalled and redownloaded the software

- I unplugged my tablet and plugged it back in

- I configured the Wacom tablet settings and got rid of the right-click features

- I checked for driver updates for both the computer and the tablet and ran both through troubleshooters


I tried fixing things on Krita itself, but the videos did not match up to what I see on my own screen. If any digital artists out there know how to fix this, let me know.

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I have had problems with my Wacom tablet(s) (sometimes with years in-between), after Windows decided to update something, or change settings on me. In fact, there are many tutorials how to fix the problems, but many of them are real destructive, and might not even work.


Biggest problem was a ring around the cursor that showed up every time I clicked (just before drawing a line), that made a delay every time, making it hard to draw. This ring, was something that was part of how Windows operates in its own Tablet version. It might not be the same problem, but the lag made it very annoying to draw something.


Wacom tablets sometimes have shortcut buttons, that can be used, and might get stuck, or have a setting to them that conflicts with some other software running on the computer. Going to the Wacom tablet control panel applet, and changing what these buttons do, might give a hint if that could be the issue. If not, then the settings can easily be restored.


It might not be the software, but the settings which Windows detects its own tablets, and Wacom's special Windows drivers for their hardware. It is very annoying. I don't remember the last time I found a fix. I think my problem just disappeared after a few reboots of the computer.

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I have never used an art tablet that worked. I had a spendy little Wacom at one point but never got a single satisfactory drawing out of it. The stylus was always ‘off’ from where I put it, which pretty much rendered anything I drew a mess. The only solution for me was to ditch it altogether and go back to paper and pencil. If I have to do anything digital, I draw it on Adobe Photo Deluxe using my finger on my laptop’s mouse pad, and it really sucks.

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Someone can close this thread now. I finally discovered that the lag was due to some weird settings I had in one particular brush. The rest were working fine, strangely enough.

The lag is finally gone, so the problem’s been solved.

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