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Pipp Episode Idea: Pipp vs Smartphone Addiction


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Anyone following G5 news knows by now that pipp has a smartphone.


I could see a pipp focused episode that covers the problems of being on your phone too much.

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Sunny: Pipp why don't we go out and enjoy nature?
Pipp: [scrolling on phone] Huh? Oh not right now
Sunny: ...Then how about going for a swim [takes the phone and chucks it into a lake]
Pipp: NOOO [jumps in the lake]

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Ever since I saw her wonderful design I have been excited to see more of Pipp, especially after it was revealed that she would be a princess. Having an actual princess (in the traditional sense) in the main cast would be an interesting dynamic, especially with the three pony types living separated. But when I saw her with that phone, it gave me the sad realization that she may just be the typical phone addict that you see so much of these days. It's unfortunate that such an interesting design and concept for a character may be wasted on distracting modern day technology. If the writers do go down this route, her character could be ruined.

All that was to say that if that is what they do with her character, this episode idea may be a possibility. In fact, if that is the case with her, I would appreciate an episode long these lines. Not only could it help make her a better character, but it could also show that phone addictions can be a problem. Now, I really wish modern tech like phones won't in G5, but I guess it's too late now. Now all I can do is hope that the story writing can still be executed decently.

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On 2021-04-12 at 6:43 PM, BoopMan said:

I could see a pipp focused episode that covers the problems of being on your phone too much.

I was actually hoping they'd keep that kind of thing to a minimum. I have no objection to them giving the G5 world the amount of technological progress one would expect given the time frame, and in general giving us something more than your garden variety pre-industrial fantasy world could very well be a good thing with skilled writers.

Focusing the plot on real-world technology at the expense of the fantasy stuff that most of us tune in for? Nope.

Though Pipp being glued to her phone while missing out on cool fantasy-type stuff going on could work out, possibly.

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