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adventure Elements of Equestria: Chapter 19


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Chapter 19: A New Beginning

As the storm clouds above started to disappear and the bright sun came out once again, Lee, Tempest and Celestia and Luna all looked to the skies as things began to become more peaceful once again.

"We... We did it." 

Lee felt himself out of energy as he collapsed to the ground in exhaustion, but he looked over at the others and saw them all smiling at him for everything he did.

"Because of you, Lee. We're all here together because of you..."

Lee stood back up as he saw Tempest approach him and nuzzled him, which made him blush but he still held hooves with Tempest and kissed her on her cheek. Lee laughed a little as he felt Tempest's warm embrace once more and laid his weary head against hers.

"I... I love you Tempest and I always will."

"And I love you, my sweet Lee."

Lee and Tempest kept holding hooves as they looked over at Celestia and Luna, who were overjoyed for the both of them.

"Truly, Lee is the hero of this day! Without you, we would have perished and because of you... you have saved us!"

Celestia and Luna both bowed their heads in respect to Lee, but he could only rub the back of his head and laugh nervously at what he was seeing.

"Come on you guys, knock it off! We all did it together and you guys are the reason for my strength! It's me who should be thankful to you!"

Celestia and Luna both gathered around him and hugged him tightly and Tempest joined shortly after. Never before had Lee ever felt this much happiness and now he knew that all would be okay now.

As Tempest released herself from the group hug, Lee looked at Tempest in surprise when he glanced at her hip and saw that she had a cutie mark now.

"Tempest... Tempest look!"

Lee pointed at Tempest and she looked down at her hip and gasped in shock at her new cutie mark: A golden shield surrounded by sparkles and a small crack at the stop of the shield.

"No way... I-I can't believe it!! I got my cutie mark? But how?"

At first, Tempest was confused about how she got her cutie mark, but she looked over at Lee and smiled as she realized now how she had gotten it. Lee smiled happily with her and they embraced again.

"Of course... Because of you, my love. You always bring out the best in me and now it definitely shows."

Lee and Tempest brought their hips close together and noticed the pattern between the two cutie marks and smiled at each other.

"It fits perfectly doesn't it? Sword and shield... I am your sword, Tempest."

"And I am your shield, Lee."

Celestia and Luna continued looking at Lee and Tempest in happiness, but Celestia looked off in the distance as she heard the sound of groaning. All four ponies then went towards the far hills until they saw a huge crater in the middle of one of the fields.

Storm finally regained consciousness and she started by looking up at the clear and sunny skies. She groaned in pain as she sat up from where she was laying and noticed the upturned terrain surrounding her.

"My... head."

Slowly but carefully, Storm stood up and made her way out of the crater and finally made it out into the open, but she felt her forehead and noticed that her artificial horn and the metal armor around her wings was gone. Ahead of her, she saw as Lee, Tempest and the Princesses all walked up to her.

Tempest looked at Storm and saw her constantly falling to the ground and getting back up and limping towards them. Finally, Storm fell to the ground one last time before she screamed in utter anguish and tears started coming from her eyes.

"Why?! WHY?! Why can't the pain just STOP?!! All I want is for it to STOP!!!"

Out of genuine concern for Storm, Tempest rushed over to her and told the others to stay back as she slowly approached Storm. Lee kept Celestia and Luna back as he trusted Tempest to be the one to fix this once and for all.

Storm looked up at Tempest as she stood before her and a mixture of anger, sadness and confusion swirled in her mind. Tempest kneeled down next to Storm and heard her breathing heavily, but she was still shaking a lot.

"Storm... I need you to listen to me very carefully and please... please hear me out. Just this once, just listen..."

Lee slowly approached too and Tempest smiled happily at him, but soon turned her attention back to Storm, who was simply waiting for Tempest to speak.

"Five years it's been... five years since what had happened here in Hydrea. I...I know that I did terrible things to you and I know that I had hurt you, but believe it or not, that pain was shared between the both of us."

Storm glared at Tempest at those words as was tempted to attack her, but simply allowed her to continue talking.

"That day... that single day was one of the most painful moments of my life. I knew what I did was wrong and I knew it felt wrong... ALL OF IT was wrong, but I was just so set on getting my horn back and I simply let the Storm King continue to control me... and all I did was cause pain and suffering and misery to everypony else."

Tempest felt tears in her eyes as she continued and Storm was actually surprised by this emotion from her.

"And you're right about me, Storm... I am a monster and a part of me knows that I don't deserve the luxury of friendship and kindness after all I did."

"W-What?!" Storm looked at Tempest in disbelief at her words.

"Not a day goes by where I don't regret everything I did... I've had to live the pain I had caused you and everypony else and I nearly did lose myself in the process. That was until... I met him."

Both Tempest and Storm looked over at Lee and he was surprised to see the both of them looking at him, but he simply waved to Tempest as she blew him a kiss. Lee continued walking towards Tempest after that, hoping he could help her out somehow.

"Lee? What does he have to do with this?" Storm asked.

"I met him because I had saved him from some timberwolves and I offered him hospitality and warm food. Ever since then and ever since I knew him, he's been nothing but supportive and caring for me... and nopony else had ever given me this feeling of happiness before."

Tempest placed a hoof over her heart as she thought about Lee and everything he had done for her.

"Even after I told him about all the pain and suffering I had caused, he still considered me a friend and he said that he could trust me. He told me that everypony deserves a second chance and that you shouldn't judge somepony on the mistakes they've made."

Storm remembered the talk she had with Lee before and looked back at Tempest.

"He... he told me that too. He also told me what he did in Ponyville and I honestly did feel sorry he had to go through that... and I honestly felt like I could trust him too."

"Lee... He has been a wonderful friend to me, protected and defended me and now... now my heart belongs to him. Truly, I don't deserve to be with a pony as wonderful as Lee, but he tells me how lucky he is to be with me... We don't deserve one another, but that's what makes us perfect together."

"And... and I am happy for both you. Hmm, Lee..."

Storm closed her eyes and she slowly started feeling the pain in her head go away. Tempest sat down next to her, but Storm tried not to look at her.

"I know you can change from this Storm... I know that because I did. I'm sorry for all the pain I had caused you and if I could, I would take it all back and turn it on myself three-fold... but I can't."

Tempest felt it as the tears came out and Storm was beginning to do the same as her pain was continuing to decrease.

"We can stop this together, we can both stop dwelling on the past and set our differences aside to find a brighter future. If a wonderful pony and friend like Lee is willing to look past our mistakes and see the good in us, why can't we do the same?"

As Tempest continued, Storm looked at her again, but slowly felt her anger toward her go away. Storm now knew that what Tempest was saying was truly sincere.

“I-I don’t expect you to forgive me and I know that I don’t deserve your forgiveness, but... if you can find it in your heart to forgive, that would be all I'd need. All I want now is peace.”

Tempest waited for a response from Storm, but she heard nothing from her. Tempest sighed as she began to walk away and leave Storm to herself. Storm looked at the ground and noticed a puddle next to her and she examined her reflection.

"This... this is not who I am. I-I let my anger and hatred consume me and it turned me into something ugly! This is not... me!"

Storm looked at her reflection and she saw an image of herself five years ago: A pony full of happiness and joy, but then the reflection changed back to what she was now and the two halves of Storm intersected in her mind. 

Just then, Storm placed her hooves over her face as she tried to hold back her tears, but she only clutched the ground in agony as she felt the pain of her mistakes inside.

"No... No no no!!"

Tempest turned back to Storm when she heard her scream into the ground and then break down crying. Tears streamed down Storm's face and Storm was lost in complete sadness now. Tempest was prepared to go back over to Storm, she saw Lee run ahead of her and run towards Storm, which confused her at first.

"What have I done?! How could I do this?!"

Storm kept her eyes closed as she cried and she held herself as she rocked back and forth in sadness. Just then, however, she felt a warm presence around her and opened her eyes to see that Lee was hugging her.

"L-Lee?! W-What are you-"

Lee shushed Storm as he continued to hug her, telling her that everything would be okay. Storm remained in shock at Lee's actions, but still loved the warm feeling inside of her.

"Nopony should have to carry so much pain by themselves... I forgive you for all that you have done and I'm here to help make your burden go away. Storm, you are not alone anymore and we can help you... As your first official friend, I won't let you carry the pain alone. You... have my word."

Storm slowly raised her hooves and she finally hugged Lee back, crying into his shoulder and saying that she was sorry.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry for hurting you and the Princesses... I-I don't deserve your forgiveness..."

"I do accept your forgiveness because I knew that you were better than what you were. Somehow, I just had this feeling that you would see the light and now... now we're friends."

Tempest smiled as Lee hugged Storm, proud that he was willing to help Storm despite everything she did, which reminded her of herself.

"That's the Lee I know and love... Sees the good in ponies before the bad and lends them a helping hoof. That's why... I love you, my sweet Lee."

As Storm continued to hug Lee, a genuine happy smile appeared on Storm's face as the last bit of pain inside her head finally faded away.

"Lee, my... my friend. My friend... thank you."

Lee finally released Storm from his hug and stood back up. Once more, Lee extended his hoof to Storm and smiled, with Storm actually smiling back and taking his hoof as he helped her back up.

Lee and Storm joined with Tempest and the Sisters and they were all now smiling at Storm, happy that she accepted Lee's friendship and saw the error of her ways.

Storm looked at the Princesses and lowered her head in forgiveness to the both of them.

"Princesses... forgive me for my actions. I just needed... a friend to help me out is all. I'm sorry for hurting you..."

Celestia and Luna both accepted Storm's apology and they both shook hooves with her. Storm looked over at Tempest for a second, but decided not to say anything to her yet.

Lee patted Storm on the back and she smiled at him, happy that she could call him a friend.

"So what will you do now, Storm? Why don't you come back with us and I can show you around Ponyville?" Lee asked happily.

Storm thought about Lee's suggestion but then looked over at Hydrea in the distance and had a saddened look on her face. She hadn't been home in five years and now that she was finally free of her pain, Storm wondered if she should stay and make amends to the ponies she left all those years ago.

"A welcome offer Lee, but I think I'm just gonna stick around my home... Help pick up the pieces and help those in need. I hope you understand..."

Lee was a little saddened at Storm's choice, but was still happy for her nonetheless.

"Well, if you ever need me or any of us... we'll be there for you, I promise!"

Lee and Storm hoof bumped as they began to part ways and Storm was prepared to make her way back to Hydrea as the sun was beginning to set. Lee ran back over to Tempest and the Sisters and he hugged Tempest tightly.

Storm looked back at Lee and Tempest and smiled happily for the both of them. Storm looked at the ground for a second and then shouted for Tempest as she approached her.

Tempest looked at Storm again as the sun behind her shined on the both of them and saw tears in her eyes once more, but saw that she was still smiling.

"Tempest... I forgive you."

Storm and Tempest hugged each other as smiles ran across both of their faces, knowing that the past was now behind them both. Happy tears appeared in Tempest's eyes at Storm's forgiveness.

"I forgive you..."

"Thank you... Storm. Thank you..."

Storm released Tempest from her hug and walked away towards the sunset as she looked back once more at her new friends and then focused on Lee.

"I'll see you again... Lee."

Lee smiled as Storm began to walk away and wave goodbye to all four ponies. Storm finally disappeared below the hills and all four ponies waved goodbye to Storm.

Tempest nuzzled Lee sweetly and he did the same as they both looked at the horizon, happy for both themselves and happy for Storm too.

Celestia and Luna stood beside Lee and they both hugged them again as they all looked at the setting sun together.

"Lee... what do you say we head home now?" Celestia asked.

Tempest and Lee nodded in agreement to Celestia's words. Lee decided to take his own advice and told himself not to dwell on the past anymore and instead live his life with the ponies he loved and cared about.

"You're right... you're right. Tempest, Celestia, Luna... let's go home."

"Home... that's where I belong. I belong... with my friends and I belong with Tempest."

A/N: And... that is it everypony! It is done and Storm has finally decided to change her ways! But there is still one more chapter to see... so stay tuned for a taste of what might come next.

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Just like Lee, I had a good feeling Storm would change in the end! Love how humble he was after the fight was over and the fact that he and Tempest have matching cutie marks was really sweet! :Tempest: This is a perfect ending, so I'll take it that this upcoming extra final chapter is the precursor to the sequel. :ooh:

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31 minutes ago, CloudMistDragon said:

Just like Lee, I had a good feeling Storm would change in the end! Love how humble he was after the fight was over and the fact that he and Tempest have matching cutie marks was really sweet! :Tempest: This is a perfect ending, so I'll take it that this upcoming extra final chapter is the precursor to the sequel. :ooh:

It's gonna be the epilogue of the story, by there will still be a hint to the sequel!

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42 minutes ago, TomDaBombMLP said:

What a way to go out! I knew Storm would have a change of heart!
This has been an absolutely amazing fan-story, written out of genuine love for the Goddesses. :Tempest::sunbutt::LunaMCM: You should be so proud of yourself! :wub:

Do you think I should make a sequel?

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