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Technical Issues Been getting a notification of my own character posting in an RP

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So, I recently started a 1x1 RP in the RP section of the forums, and since then, every time I post with my character "Thundy", I get a notification that "Thundy commented on the RP thread? Is this a glitch of some sort?

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I assume you're following the thread? If so, I think it makes sense. Personally I haven't even tried the character system, but my first blind guess is, that it happens simply because the character, the author of the post, is different than yourself, and therefore the system notifies you, that someone else have replied. It's like as if you were making these posts from an alternate account.

If it's a glitch I'm not sure, I wouldn't call it a glitch. That is an expected behavior if you think about this. I'd say, that it's something the extension developers have overlooked / didn't think of, or perhaps it's a limitation they were aware of, but couldn't get around that?

Either way, as for me, sadly, how notifications are sent is a completely different area outside my expertise I'm afraid. I don't even have access to any of this to begin with. How the site is displayed - yes, but anything with actual content/database and how things are sent - nope, never had an opportunity to work there. :c

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