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Request Requesting art of a zombie pony

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I'm making a Final Fantasy 1 pony hack, and one of the enemy types is a zombie, of which four different enemies are based on this sprite.



To get the sprites, what I do is take screenshots or artwork and base sprites on top of them by resizing the image. For instance, I did this with a Biteacuda. However, looking around, I really don't see a good zombie pony to base a sprite off of. The Legends of Magic comics had a sort of zombie, and characters acted like zombies in 28 Pranks Later, but I can't really find a good model to base a sprite on.

Maybe I could use your help!

If someone were to draw a basic zombie pony for the game, I can translate it into a sprite I can use. It doesn't need to be that detailed. I have 32x32 pixels to work with, so simpler is better.

If anyone would do this for me, I'll give credit for sure!

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Ohh! That's pretty good! Thanks! I can work with that for sure!

I'll be back to show the sprite when I'm done with it...

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How's this? :)

With the NES I only get three colors to work with at a time aside from background black, so I had to tweak to match, but I think it works!

Three other enemies use the same sprite but with different palettes, and i maybe they might fit, they might not, but it works well enough!

Thanks again!

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Wow, I think it turned out really impressive, nice job

With the few details it has i can picture it still looking pretty zombie with different pallets

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