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Which of the main characters would be gamers?


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I feel like fluttershy would probably be a casual gamer (probably mainly playing like animal crossing and the like)

spike would probably play quite a lot of games, i can imagine mainly shooting games

rainbow would probably play a bit of everything

twilight would probably play rpgs and mmos, as well as strategy games

rarity probably wouldn't game that much, probably just if sweetie belle begs her

aj might on occasion, but would probably be too busy, not really sure what games she would play though

and starlight would probably play inbetween  a casual level and a hardcore level

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I can't really imagine it for any of them, as they are very busy and already love what they do in life. :coco:
Though, I say Rainbow Dash. When she returns from her training, very exhausted and not in the mood to meet her friends, she will play video games at home and use it as a way to relax. :)

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Rainbow and AJ since they gamed together in Equestria Girls.

Edit: Oh, and Fluttershy, since she proved to be an even better gamer than Sunset.

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I think Rainbow Dash and secretly Fluttershy would both be gamers. Fluttershy would be into the more brutal and scary games. 

Oh, and Princess Luna, too. 

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Twilight Sparkle: Strategy, RPGs, and Puzzle games.

Applejack: Mostly plays video games to compete with Rainbow Dash, but on the rare occasions where she is playing video games without Rainbow Dash she would mostly play farming simulators.

Fluttershy: Relaxing games about animals like Animal Crossing or Animal Jam.

Pinkie Pie: She would love both Portal games, she would also play alot of party/dancing games like Just Dance, and MMOs.

Rarity: Any sort of fashion/makeup game (she even spends more time customizing characters on games that aren't necessarily focused on it) and visual novels.

Rainbow Dash: Any sort if game that has alot of action and her favorite game series would be Sonic the Hedgehog.

Spike: Would prefer tabletop games, but occasionally would play RPG games with Twilight.

I'm not sure about Starlight Glimmer though.

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