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Lego Derpy Hooves


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Derpy is my favorite background pony, so I had to build her :) She's the only other pony besides Rarity that I've built in real life, since gray and yellow is a pretty easy color scheme to work with. Plus, she gave me an excellent excuse to buy muffins! The other notable thing about Lego Derpy is that I've gone through the trouble of making instructions for her, so if you want a Lego Derpy of your own, you can find the instructions here: https://sites.google.com/view/legoderpyinstructions/home

image0 (21).jpeg

image0 (22).jpeg

image1 (8).jpeg

image1 (9).jpeg

image0 (20).jpeg

image1 (7)2.jpeg

image2 (6).jpeg

image2 (7).jpeg

image3 (2).jpeg

image3 (3).jpeg

image3 (4).jpeg

image2 (5).jpeg

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Great work on Derpy too. She guard her Muffins with all her Lego Power :)

If I was much younger and would have still my big Lego Box from my childhood days, I would most likely make my own Lego Ponys xD

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