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Private Nightmare (private RP between abronymouse and Starforce Glimmer)

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@Starforce Glimmer

Diverse tested the wind with her filaments, gauging where the chaotic maelstrom of the coast breeze would flutter her to. She had been guided to the sweeping bay by the moon, without which she would almost certainly be food for a passing spider, lizard or basically anything else... being a breezy sucked. She knew that the speckled moon above wanted more for her frail body than for her to perish in the moonlight.
She took a deep breath and fluttered on the swirling sea currents, tumbling through the air until she arrived back at her house. She tucks her little body into a match-box bed in her little nest by the sea, trilling a little to warm her insectoid body up. She pulls a few navy pegasus feathers onto herself to warm up. The rest of the pegasus was the reason she had to hide on this beach, and was the reason that she had been exiled. The poison spores that she had carried to the invading pony's sleeping mouth was why she couldn't sleep in her colony. She shuddered away the memory of the pegasus mare's coughing final moments and the horror on the faces of her colony when they found out what she had done.

In her little bed she awaited... something - some-creature to give her the purpose she had lost since leaving her colony. Some-creature to tell her what the moon-on-the-water needed from her now that her family had abandoned her. She focused instead on where she was. She wraps the feathers around her and shrinks her filaments. Despite herself the sea breeze soon has her sleeping.

In her exile her breezie dreams she is back in the village. Fluttering among the vibrant mushrooms and foliage. As ever, her antennae moisten with her breezy tears unconsciously at the memory...


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