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Request Anybody willing to draw Deerie?

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is anybody willing to draw my OC deerie?
I could use some cheering up


The mane style is most accurate in the Maid drawing.

deerie loves blue butterflies, animals, the forest, distance
(she doesn't like being around ponies/ deers much cause she gets bullied for being different)

She has no eyewhite, it's blue. Pupils etc all black. 2 horns both are usually visible.
Big wings. Eyemarking is only on one side.

She works as a maid in a mansion.. doesn't mind cleaning the place. She's usually happy and silly.
Full grown she'll be the size of luna.

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7 hours ago, Gaines said:

Here she is :D vvv

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Ahh <3 I love this so much! Thank you so much Gaines, you really did her justice

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