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How would The mane six react to the cmc not being pony


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11 hours ago, Blitzo said:

I agree, they would definitely be weirded out lol

and they would be creep out  and applejack would be scare but still love her little sister no matter what happen well the other mane 5 would be scare



Zombie/ghoul applebloom   It like apple bloom is staring into your very soul  with those dead like eye         Seriously apple bloom is the most creepiest  one 


Seriously those eye are creepy


well Rarity would just be shock by seeing sweetiebelle as a robot so rarity would be weirded out      and  Rainbow dash would creep out and weirded out but still care for scootaloo even if she a shadow pony / umbrum Shadow ScootalooSweetiebot





Cutie Mark Crusaderit would take month for the mane six and everypony to get use to the cutie mark crusaders form

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the only one pony would react badly is spoiled rich   she would be very angerly and creep out by seeing that applebloom is a ghoul/zombie scootaloo as a umbrum and sweetiebelle/sweetiebot as a robot



only spoiled rich would react badly by see the cutie mark Crusader true form   Cutie Mark Crusader Cutie Mark Crusader So I would think that Spoiled rich would try to stop diamond Tiara hanging out with them but spoiled rich would fail because Filthy rich won't let spoiled rich holding back his daughter  from  making new friend


King sombra and scootaloo are both  Umbrum/shadow pony so it would led to sombra having a change of heart


chrysalis be weirded  out by applebloom being undead and hate her because she can't drain the love from applebloom because applebloom is undead


Lord Tirek would be creep out by applebloom and scootaloo and Tirek would just decide to be in Tartarus for all eternality

cozy glow would be weirded out and creep out by the cutie mark   crusaders true from so I think cozy glow would just surrender and be brought to Tartarus

storm king is dead if he was a alive the storm king would jump off a cliff just by seeing the Cutie Crusaders Mark true form

the mane six and the rest of ponyville and starlight ould be creep out and also weirded out but will get use to the Cutie Mark Crusaders  true form


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On 2021-06-29 at 2:42 AM, Reality Check said:

If this was nightmare night / halloween, maybe the mane 6 would be ok, thinking they're just costumes. Though perhaps keep them apart from each other if it's any time else

and than there spoiled rich and Svengallop 


spoiled rich would ground diamond tiara for hanging out with them but filthy rich would stop spoiled rich from grounding  diamond tiara


Svengallop would hate the cutie mark crusaders' for being monster applebloom  a zombie  scootaloo is a shadow and sweetiebelle


and than there chancellor neighsey before his redemption he would see the cutie mark crusader as non pony becauser neighsay was racist to non pony before



Cutie Mark Crusaderlatest?cb=20180904220311

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