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Hello! :D

Dita Bear

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Hope this story is not too long-winded, but someone I used to be friends with was somewhat into 4chan culture and it was really popular there when it came out (so this was back in the 2010s).  He was telling me about it, but I thought the whole 4chan thing was just them being ironic at first until I did some research and found out they were genuinely fans of the show.  So I checked it out (despite not being a 4chan user or anything; just being curious) and loved it.  Sadly I was in college, busy with work, and going through a lot of hardships at that time, so after a certain point (I'd say between Seasons 3 or 4) I could not keep up with it.  I did make a couple attempts in the past to keep up with the series via Netflix but again, life stuff happened, and only from around 2019 or so did I finally get the chance to restart the whole series (including the movies and comics) without any major interruptions or distractions.  I love it arguably even more than I did 11 or so years ago now that I can actually sit down and enjoy it.  LOL

I don't know if I will post that often since I am really shy and have had bad fandom experiences in the past.  It's been a really long time (12 or 13 years) since I was truly active on a fan forum, and social media interactions haven't helped me much at all either (arguably a lot worse), but I figured it's worth joining anyway.  Have a feeling maybe fan forums will be big again.  :)

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Hello, hi and welcome to the herd! :mlp_yeehaa:

Yeah, there are ups and downs; I hope you'll have a good time here. :BrightMacContent:

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