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events belated but still heartfelt hugs

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Hello everypony, how's everything going? we'll celebrate national hug-a-pony day a bit late this year but better late than never, poor spike kept reminding me too.. but alas, sometimes we get stuck in our routine and have no time to spare, but still want to show our appreciation, that's where hugs come in, they hardly take any time at all, yet mean so much, so be sure to go and spread them far and wide, happy belated hug-a-pony-day
~comence group-wing-hug

(you can find and give this badge here)

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I was surprised as usual. Which is really fun! Too bad I was asleep, else I would have given you all hugs :sneer:

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Wait .. does this mean I've been magical hugged because Twilight asked ponys to spread hugs?!

I will spread as many hugs as I can give too.

Let the hugs remind you!

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2 hours ago, HereComesTom said:

I'd do some hugging, but...I'm a rock!  I don't have arms!  :/

Don't worry I'll do the hugging for both of us

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