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Would you watch gen 5 if it was on adult swim or rated mature ?

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13 hours ago, AppleButt said:

No.  It’s a rarity for adult cartoons to actually be funny.   

MLP is suited best as a kid’s show that’s also entertaining enough for adults to enjoy.  

I couldn't agree more with you :)

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I'd definitely be curious to see what that would look like. If it retained the same quality and tone as Friendship is Magic then I'd be interested to see what lessons they had to share. :ooh:

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Depends on why it's rated R. I dislike blood and gore. As for sex stuff, I dunno. Probably not. MLP isn't the place for it. After all, I liked MLP: FiM because it taught virtues, ethics, and morals. Having R-rated stuff just defies that, really. 

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Well maybe I guess I’d watch it. I mean it’s hard to say it’d be worth a damn but I wouldn’t mind a more violent work long as they don’t go overboard and try too hard. Sexual wise I’d likely avoid it. Not repulsed or prudish towards the matter I’d just be uncomfortable as hell. 

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