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What if Flurry Heart is responsible for the state of the world in G5?

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What if Flurry Heart went off the beaten path of pony morality and led Equestria to where it is now through her vision?

She is an alicorn, and the youngest of them, so logic dictates she eventually would hold some power. She could even still be the main villain pulling the strings in the serie, and be reformed.

Or, for a more comedic bent, what if she was in her "rebellious teen" phase and acting out by sewing the seeds the disharmony behind the scenes before the time of the show?
She's young enough that she could still be around in the new generation in either case, and I really felt Flurry didn't get enough shine in the show, so giving her a role here would be good.

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It's an interesting possibility, but I think it's unlikely that Flurry Heart is responsible. Mostly cause I don't think she'd be that kind of princess if her relationship with Twilight and Cadence is anything to go by. Also, I have a feeling that there'd be at least one pony there to stop her, maybe some advisors or other royalties for that matter.

Though I wouldn't be surprised if Flurry Heart had at least some kind of role in it, it is likely that she's young enough to be with the new generation, like you said.

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It's an interesting idea, jokes aside. Support for the theory, you can find in the fact that Queen Haven does look like she could be a descendant of Flurry Heart and there is G5 merchandise featuring the Crystal Empire. One could argue that Haven is a pegasus, not an alicorn like Flurry. But guess who Flurry's mother is? Cadence, a pegasus-turned alicorn

However, Flurry being the secret mastermind and especially the whole thing being played for laughs...very likely not. If Twilight's not alive in G5, I doubt Flurry will be.

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That's an interesting theory. While it is probably not going to be the case, it is something to think about. Maybe sometime late in her reign (maybe after her parents' death) she became bitter, and did something that helped cause Equestria to become broken. Maybe her descendants also continued to cause the damage she started. As CloudMistDragon mentioned, Queen Haven does share some resemblance to Flurry, and the Bridlewood Forest appears to be filled with Crystals. While I somewhat doubt that the show writers would go down  the route of Flurry being a cause of Equestria's situation in G5, it is an interesting idea.


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I don't know. I think that is kind of unlikely. I mean, would there be a reason for her to be doing this? She would be spending a lot of time with the other four alicorns and I am pretty sure that the other four would do a pretty good job of making sure that it doesn't happen.

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