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Darklord Morgoth Vs Discord who would win?


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Morgoth was a fearsome opponent, because the presence of Ilúvatar had given him godly powers. He was a skilled, influential, and manipulative politician and could charm his enemies, as he tried to do with Hurin.

When seen as Melkor, he was perceived as resplendent, majestic, and noble, even by his enemies, but when he became Morgoth, he became a giant looming threat, feared by even the greatest warriors on Earth. Only six characters are known to have challenged him: Fingolfin & Thorondor, Beren and Lúthien, Húrin, and Eärendil, of which Fingolfin alone faced Morgoth in single combat. Although Morgoth won the duel, Fingolfin and Thorondor gave him seven wounds, which never healed.

Unlike the other Valar, Morgoth knew fear and pain; possibly as a result of his own misdeeds. He could feel the pain of the Silmarils, and also the wounds given to him by Thorondor and Fingolfin. Lúthien commented that Morgoth's life was a "burden", and she rid him of this for a while by putting him into sleep.

Morgoth loved challenging people and reducing their wills to dust. He prided himself on his immense powers, giant size, and intelligence, and knew that he would most likely come off better in any confrontation. However, these tables got turned in his downfall. 


See the source image

As the incarnation of chaos and disharmony, Discord professes great inclination to these two subjects. Every movement that he performs is related someway with this. Discord possesses an outrageous sense of humor, many times grazing the madness, which is strengthened by his powers of reality-bending.


Who would win The Original Darklord (aka The Incarnation of Pure Evils itself) vs The Master of Chaos (aka incarnation of chaos and disharmony )

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