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Who is most likey to suffer from Reiner Syndorme


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Today I'm asking which of the three main villians would most likely suffer from Reiner syndrome had they escpaed from their fate in Season 9. First I need to explain what Reiner Syndorme is. Reiner Syndorme is a complely made up diesese based around the character Reiner Braun. Reiner syndrome is when a villian is overwhelmed by guilt, and regret due to the things they have done. Villians who suffer from this have no will to live, and want nothing more then to just die, however everytime they're about to die, something always saves them or they are reminded of something or someone that they know they have to keep living for. Villians with Reiner Syndorme will often try to end their lives, or beg someone to kill them.

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I’m happy they weren’t reformed back in FIM’s finale, but them being reformed in G5 isn’t that far fetched, considering how far in the future that takes place. Discord didn’t reform, but that doesn’t mean the same won’t apply with some, or all of them

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