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MLP G5: Friendship is not Magic

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I could see how certain “villains” in the future would act as Cozy Glow did and slowly undo all of the unity that was created in Equestria. Storing away the magic would explain the flightless pegasi and magic-less unicorns. I believe there was mention of everyone being a blank flank at some point in the G5 synopsis, but I can’t remember where that information was.

The only thing is though, what would happen with the magic once Twilight passed on? Since she’s nothing more in the G5 world than a collectible figurine now, surely the magic had to be passed on to somepony else. Hopefully the new movie will explore this topic a bit. They should also explore who caused the racial divide. I think personally, it would be more interesting if multiple parties were involved, since large divides like this rarely happen under one person/pony.

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