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Division Is For Pies MLP:FiM




In which, Pinkie Pie takes something her friend ExplosionMare says a little too seriously.


 Rarity: *Concerned* What on Earth is the matter with you, Dear? 

Pinkie Pie: My friend ExplosionMare told me that "Division is for Pie's.".

Maud Pie: She didn't mean *you*, Pinkie Pie. *Sighs heavily*


@ExplosionMare @cuteycindyhoney @Clawdeen

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On 2022-01-30 at 8:16 PM, Clawdeen said:

I love this! Lol


4 minutes ago, Clawdeen said:

Bestie I just noticed you made the forums current banner! That's so awesome! It looks great.


Thank You, Bestie! I'm SO HAPPY that you liked both of them so much! :D

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