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adventure Elements of Equestria 2: Chapter 7


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Chapter 7: Just a Dream...

As Lee, Tempest and Chrysalis walked away from where the Castle of Departure once stood, Tempest kept Lee by her side and held him close due to his injuries he sustained as they escaped the castle. Lee was constantly losing his balance as the pain kept hitting him hard, but Tempest reassured him that all would be okay.

"Don't worry, Lee. We'll get you to a doctor right away! Chrysalis, help me please!"

Chrysalis didn't hear Tempest as she continued walking and thinking to herself.

"Soon… soon I will have all of these Essences and then... nothing will stop me from accomplishing my goals. I just gotta keep playing along for now..."

Tempest yelled at Chrysalis again and she stopped in her tracks to look behind her. Chrysalis looked as she saw Lee starting to lose consciousness and hardly had the strength to stand up.

"I... I don't feel so good. T-Tempest, Tempest I..."

Lee suddenly lost his balance and almost fell to the ground before Tempest quickly grabbed him again and held his weight against herself. Chrysalis quickly rushed over to help Lee and she looked at him with genuine concern now.

"He really doesn't look so good. What should we do Tempest?"

"Hoofden is right over there. Let's just get him to a doctor right away!"

Chrysalis looked to where Tempest was pointing and she had an idea in her head now. Chrysalis looked at Tempest and throughly examined her entire figure before she closed her eyes and lit up her horn.

"Chrysalis, what are you doing?"

"Shh, I'm trying to concentrate! Don't interrupt me!"

Tempest nodded her head in confusion as she looked over Lee and nuzzled him sweetly to keep his spirits up. Tempest watched was a green aura surrounded Chrysalis and engulfed her a split second later.

Another moment later, the green aura vanished and all there was in place of Chrysalis was the spitting image of Tempest. Tempest looked at the doppelgänger of herself in shock and glared a little bit at her too.

"W-What? What is this? Where is Chrysalis?" Tempest asked.

"I am Chrysalis. I have the ability to shapeshift into the form of another pony."

"Have you... always been able to do this? That really could have helped us earlier you know?"

"I-I couldn't do it like I always do because Malice took away all my strength and I'm just now starting to get it back. So right now, I can only change into the form of the pony standing in front me."

"And how are we supposed to explain this? I just have a twin sister now or something?"

"Relax Tempest. I'll just come up with some fake name to keep me disguised... Uhh, I don't know, what about Fizzlepop?"

Tempest raised an eyebrow at the name Chrysalis suggested and scoffed a little too, but decided to just go with it at this point.

"Yeah, perfect name..."

Even though she was still very confused, Tempest looked over herself and asked herself if she was just looking in a mirror now.

"Wow, is that really what my mane looks like from the side? Looks good..."

Lee groaned a bit as Tempest complemented her own appearance, but she still kept him held close. Lee looked up for a second and had a very confused look on his face when he saw a Tempest beside him and another Tempest in front of him.

"T-Tempest... Now I really don't feel good. I'm seeing two of you... hehe hehe. T-Two Tempests..."

"Hey hey hey... Stay with me, my love. Chrysalis, we'll talk about this later, but we have to get Lee to the hospital!"

"Right, let's get him there right away!"

Tempest and Chrysalis both helped carry Lee as they made their way to Hoofden. As Lee felt the two of them carrying him however, he slowly lost consciousness and everything went black.

At first, Lee could only see darkness and all that he could hear was the sound of somepony whispering his name, but he immediately knew who it was and said the name aloud.

"Tempest... I know that you're here."

Just then, a room materialized out of thin air and the room resembled Lee's and Tempest's house in Ponyville.

Out of the shadows came Tempest a moment later, but she kept her eyes closed as she walked toward Lee. Lee embraced Tempest and kissed her, but she didn't say a word to him.

Lee kissed Tempest on her cheek a few times more before he asked her to open her eyes. Tempest laughed a little and opened her eyes slowly, but the next thing Lee saw was that her eyes were completely black.

Once Lee saw this, he immediately jumped back and fell to the ground at seeing such a horrendous sight.

"T-Tempest?! Tempest, what happened to you?"

Tempest only turned her head to the side and walked towards Lee slowly, but Lee could only back away at what he was seeing. 

"Y-You... You could have... s-saved me. Lee, you could have... s-saved everypony."

"Tempest, what are you saying? You're not making sense! Tempest!"

"You should have done... more. Y-You don’t deserve happiness or love..."

Suddenly, Lee felt himself lifted up onto his feet by an invisible force. Lee was dragged away and strapped against a wall, but he couldn't do anything to escape.

A group of ponies suddenly appeared behind Tempest, but Lee recognized every one of them: Celestia, Luna, Twilight and Starlight all looked at Lee and they all also had black eyes too. Celestia and Luna hung their heads in pure disappointment at Lee and Twilight and Starlight started to cry.

Tempest approached him with the same black eyes as tears began rolling down her face. Lee said her name to get her attention, but she only laughed at Lee.

"To think... I fell for somepony as weak and pathetic as you. What a fool I was..."

Lee shook his head in disbelief at Tempest's words and tried to free himself from his bonds. 

"No no no... Please Tempest! I-I would never abandon you and I would never do anything to hurt you. I-I LOVE YOU!!"

Tempest placed her hooves against Lee's face and saw as tears began coming from Lee's eyes too. Tempest shook her head a little as Lee slowly spoke her name.

"I would never hurt you... I would never hurt any of my friends!"

Tempest looked at the ponies behind her and saw the various bruises and cuts they all had before looking at Lee again.

"But... you did. You did hurt me, you hurt them and now... you are nothing to me but an insect that needs to be crushed!"

Lee watched as Tempest lit up her horn and pointed it directly at Lee. Lee tried desperately to make Tempest stop what she was doing, but she wasn't listening to a word he said.

"No... no please! TEMPEST!!"

"You. Are. Nothing. Nothing... Nothing."

Whispers of the same words sounded throughout the entire area and Lee felt a loud ringing in his ears. Just as Tempest was about to fire her magic, a flash of light blinded Lee and he felt himself being pulled away.

Lee suddenly bolted upwards and let out a loud scream of no before he started breathing heavily and held his face in his hooves. Lee felt himself shaking as his heart rate increased, but he simply held himself as he tried to calm down.

"Oh geez... Oh geez."

Tempest saw Lee as she woke up in a chair next to his hospital bed and quickly rushed over to Lee's bedside and saw how much he was sweating too. Tempest placed her hooves around Lee's face, but Lee jumped back at her touch before she calmed him down again.

"Lee... Lee, are you okay?"

Lee looked at Tempest in confusion for a second and said her name before realizing that her eyes were normal again. Lee gasped at seeing Tempest's eyes and then embraced Tempest tightly, holding her as close as possible.

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa... Lee, what happened?"

Tempest felt Lee shaking madly and she heard him saying her name repeatedly as his voice was shaking a little too. Lee could only tighten his grasp on Tempest as she remained very confused about what happened.

"T-Tempest... Oh Tempest. I was so- I was so..."

"Hey... hey everything's okay. It's okay, I'm here... I'm right here, my love."

Lee couldn't form any other words as tears rolled out of his eyes. Tempest shushed him gently and held him closer as she caressed his mane softly. Tempest then kissed Lee a couple of times on his cheeks to try and cheer him up, but she still kept him in her hooves.

"Don't you worry... I'm here now. Please, just tell me what happened..."

Lee finally released Tempest, but she wiped his tears away with her hooves before he spoke.

"I-I uhh... had this dream. A very VERY bad dream. I don't... I don't know what happened."

At first, Lee had trouble trying to describe what happened in his dream and looked out the window before hanging his head down. Tempest approached him and rubbed his back to comfort him before giving him another kiss on his head.

"Lee... You gotta tell me so that you can get this off of your chest."

Lee looked down at his bandaged torso and felt a little pain inside, but Tempest sat down next to Lee and nuzzled him underneath his neck to try and convince him to continue talking about his dream. Lee laid his head against Tempest as he finally decided to continue.

"Okay... okay, here's what happened..."

After Lee finished explaining what had happened in his dream, Tempest honestly couldn't believe the things that Lee said. Lee felt himself getting upset again, but Tempest embraced him again and kept him warm and safe in her grasp.

"That is the silliest thing I have ever heard, my silly. I will always love you and I would never even think of calling you such horrible words..."

Tempest looked over at Lee and turned his head to make him face her. Lee smiled a little bit as he looked into Tempest's beautiful teal colored eyes, but he also felt a slight blush on his face too.

“Besides, I can’t possibly let somepony as sweet and caring as you get away from me. I love you too much…”

Lee laughed a little at what Tempest and kissed her on the lips.

"Have I ever told you... that you are the greatest thing to happen to me?" Lee asked.

"Hmm... you may have mentioned it. And I feel the same with you, my love."

Lee and Tempest embraced again and they stayed that way until Lee heard somepony clearing their throat together get their attention. Lee looked over at the door and shockingly saw another Tempest standing in front of him.

"Huh?! I wasn't going crazy! T-Two Tempests?! But... but-"

Tempest and the other Tempest laughed together at Lee's confusion.

"No Lee, it's me Chrysalis. I just disguised myself as Tempest to keep myself hidden from prying eyes. How are you feeling?"

"I'm... I'm fine thanks. How long was I out?"

"Only for a day. Your injuries weren't too serious, but we wanted to make sure that you were okay."

Chrysalis approached Lee and handed him the map of Equestria that had all the locations of the Essences of Emotion on them.

"Since you're feeling better, perhaps we can continue with our quest? Where should we go to next?"

Lee looked at the map and saw the closest landmark from the Castle of Departure was a tall mountain and he put his hoof next to it.

"There. That mountain is where we should head next. Let's get going so that we can stay ahead of Malice."

Tempest stopped Lee as he tried to get up, but Lee looked Tempest in the eyes once more.

"Lee, are you sure you're good to go? Perhaps you should rest a bit longer..."

"I'm fine, Tempest. Honestly, I don't know why but I'm feeling really good!"

Lee stood up from the bed and he didn't feel any pain inside of him. Tempest smiled a little bit at Lee's confidence and laughed.

"Alright then Mister Lee, shall we get going then?" Tempest asked.

"Let's go do it!"

Chrysalis and Tempest nodded together and they both left the room as Lee was left by himself. His smile slowly turned into a frown and he looked at his reflection in the window as a nameless dread overtook his mind.

"Was it... just a dream? Was it?"

Lee looked out the door at Tempest and the same dread made his heart rate increase again.

"Tempest... I won't let anything happen to you."

A/N: Another chapter of EoE 2 is done and I hope you guys enjoy it!

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14 minutes ago, CloudMistDragon said:

It takes two Tempests to make a thing go right! :Tempest: I chuckled from Chrysalis' cover name being Tempest's real name and that nightmare sequence was cool! :eager:

Did you think that the nightmare was creepy enough?

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