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what are your opinion on Spider Carnage?


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In a separate reality from the prime version, Peter Parker still acquired his power's from the bite of a radioactive spider. His life, however, was a lot tougher. His Uncle Ben died in an apparently similar manner to the prime universes, then a few years later Aunt May passed away. The loss of his parental figures and the apparent absence of any close friends, left Peter Parker alone, making his mind unbalanced.

At some point afterwards, Peter crossed paths with that of scientist Miles Warren. Having apparently discovered Spider-Mans true identity, Warren managed to somehow capture Parker or at the very least acquire his DNA. He then successfully cloned another Spider-Man, but the clone escaped. However, Warren had tampered with the two men's minds, leaving them both with identical memories and unsure about what really happened in the incident. One of the two men eventually concluded that he was the clone and surrendered Peter Parker's name and identity to the other man. This first man moved away, changing his hair colour and style, before taking up a new name Ben Reilly (in honour Peter's Aunt and Uncle). Possessing the same skills as Spider-Man the urge to protect people was still present in Reily, who eventually took up his own superhero identity and became the Scarlet Spider. Although Reilly wished to help Parker as a fellow hero, the original Spider-Man despised the Scarlet Spider's existence and grew to hate him even more.

Then both men received some very shocking news. Dr. Curt Connors an ally of Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider and who was aware of their real identities studied the pairs genetic makeup. From the results, Connors theorized that Ben Reilly was in-fact the real Peter Parker and that the other man was the clone. This made "Peter's" hatred for "Ben Reilly" absolute.

Deciding that there was not enough room in the world for two Peter Parker's, Spider-Man pursued Scarlet Spider when the latter attempted to stop Kingpin from developing a portal between dimensions. Reilly initially thought that Parker was there to help him. Once the Kingpin's guards and scientist were subdued, however, Spider-Man attacked the Scarlet Spider intending to kill him. The two men fought briefly allowing the Kingpin to escape.

Unnoticed by the two Spider-Men, the Kingpin's portal machine was active. Then suddenly, through the portal, a Carnage symbiote emerged. Drawn by Spider-Man's absolute hatred for his duplicate and the world in general, the evil symbiote bonded to Spider-Man, which finally drove him into insanity and evil1

Although he was now undoubtedly insane, Spider-Carnage managed to retain Peter Parker's intelligence. This in conjunction with Carnages evil and the Kingpin's technology, made for a frightening combination. As such, this new evil version of Spider-Man came up with a plan to take revenge on the whole of reality for his miserable existence.

After forming an alliance with The Kingpin, and with the help of his former adversaries the Hobgoblin and the Green Goblin, Spider-Carnage devastated New York City, apparently massacring large numbers of citizens. J. Jonah Jameson (who like his main universe counterpart had always hated Spider-Man) and Joseph Robertson were among the few survivors. Throughout the carnage, the villains started searching for parts, which Spider-Carnage told them would help them to supposedly build a mind-control device for Kingpin. In reality, it was a weapon meant to destroy the entire multiverse as revenge for his life of torment.

To combat this, the interdimensional traveller Madame Web summoned the Scarlet Spider along with various other Spider-Men from different realities to stop Spider-Carnage and his madness.

what are your opinion on Spider Carmage

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