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I’ve seen my fair share of people pondering about the premise of g5, and asking why the future of Equestria in the g5 timeline seems so dark? Did Twilight and her friends fail their goal as the elements of harmony? Why did it all go south in the future?

Well, my friends, I would like to present my theory on why that is. The elements of harmony were not complete, nor were they meant to be complete. What do I mean by this? I think it might be easier to explain if first, we take a look at the definition of “Harmony”. According to Oxford Languages dictionary, one of the definitions could mean “agreement or concord”, or “the quality of forming a pleasant and consistent whole”. The etymology of the word stems from the Greek word, “harmos” (meaning “joint”), which itself stems from Latin, “harmonia”, (meaning “joining, concord”). 

Ok, then- I’m sure some of you might be asking- shouldn’t the elements of harmony have worked to solidify the harmony of all the races and species of and beyond G4’s Equestria into the g5 future? Wellll, not quite. And here’s why…..

Unity was never there. “But MaMi-Chan!” I can hear some of you saying “Harmony brought unity to Equestria by the end of g4!” And to that I say, no it did not. Let’s take a look at the definition of unity. Looking back to Oxford Languages dictionary, unity is defined as “the state of being United or joined as a whole”. It’s etymology stems from Latin, “unus” or “Unitas” (meaning “one”). 

Unity is a step above harmony, clearly. You can be in harmony with someone, but not be unified with them. While harmony is about the parts or elements that make up the whole, unity is about the wholeness. It needs nothing added or subtracted to make it complete. So in a sense, harmony is the bridge to unity, not unity itself. 

While we saw in g4 the bringing together of many tribes and species through the elements of harmony , we know for a fact that this did not last throughout the timeline of the future, because there clearly was no unity present, or maintained as future generations came with different ideologies that worked counterproductive to the established bridge of harmony that was being built toward the end goal of unity. 

I also observed another aspect in g4 that worked contrary to that end goal of unity, but I’ll touch on that in a future post…

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I actually agree with this, the end of G4 didn't promise that all the tribes and species would be united forever. Also, G5 takes place a thousand years in the future. History shows that a lot can change in just a few decades:ooh:

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