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request I have some pictures I want drawn


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Would anyone be intrestred in drawing me eight seprete pictures?

  1.  Twilight Sparkle with a pixie cut hairstyle
  2.  Apple Bloom, 16 years old with Michelle Creber's current hairstyle no bow, and also wearing a golden necklace with a purple jewel.
  3. Sweetie Belle 16 years old with a ponytail hairstyle
  4. Cozy Glow 16 years old with long flowing black hair instead of her curley light blue hair (also reformed not evil)
  5. A Beast Titan that looks like a carocal 17 meters tall
  6. A Femenine verison of Falco's Jaw Titan 5 meters tall
  7. A Warhammer Titan that's with sparkiling blue armor that covers it's entire face, and body. 15 meters tall
  8.  Another Titan with white angleic wings, long flowing red hair and pure white solless eyes with no puplis. 13 meters tall.
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