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Your favorite ponies through generation

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Here is my list (I'm gonna update this later if need be):


G1: Firefly





G2: Unsure at the moment.



G3: A tie between Sunny Daze and Minty:






G4: Rainbow Dash




G5: A tie between Zipp and Izzy:




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Generation 1: Firefly

Generation 2/ MLP Tales: NONE

Gen 3: Minty

Gen 4: Twilight

Gen 5: Sunny and Izzy

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I really like the older gens :BrightMacContent: my favorites have been:

G1 - Sugarberry. Technically not a character in the actual animations though, so if I had to pick one that was animated, then Wind Whistler!

G2 - Never really watched anything from there, I like Eve though

G3 - Definitely Minty, though I also really like Kimono, Wysteria, and Starcatcher

G4 - Cloudchaser!

G5 - Sugar Moonlight! Though out of the mane cast my favorite is Zipp

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