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events Hiya and Happy World Smile Day 2021!

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20 hours ago, Deae Rising Shine~ said:

intended you can get more then 1 cupcake award?

Mmh! You can never go wrong with more than one cupcakes!! Except maybe having a sugar rush hehe 


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Who wants cupcakes? :D 

To anyone having troubles with giving out the cupcakes,


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10 hours ago, Deae Rising Shine~ said:

Yeahhh, knew that's gonna happen, more popular people = more cupcake awards and now im out the top 5 because others got multiple awards pushing me out of it, lol. nice touch people can more, for these seeing these as the same as having most brohooves in a day, it's of course a cheap way to push further up by having more giving them awards, lel. Wel, it was nice beeing 5th while it lasted :D

Well….. Here’s a 5th cupcake! :umad: thanks for continuing the counting game!

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Thanks everyone who gave me cupcakes 🥺💜 Im w bit late to this event but I hope everyone enjoyed smile day

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