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Obligatory intro post!


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Hi there everypony! As you can guess, I'm new. I've been a MLP since g1 just about, and was reminded why I loved MLP with the advent of FIM. Applejack has always been my favorite canon pony. Right now the only pony I own is a G3 Triple Treat bought as a bait pony that I couldn't bring myself to mod. So now she guards my kitchen! I took my screen name from a fan pony I created named Applecrunch. She's a bit of a wild child with socialist tendencies from the extended apple family (I figured it wouldnt be too mary-sueish since they have such a large family). I look forward to being a constructive member of the community!


I do art, but cannot draw the MLP styles to save my life, so have a template version of AC:


Posted Image

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Welcome to the forum. We don't get too many G1-3 fans around these parts, but there are several of them creeping among our number. ;)

Overall I think you picked a decent enough community to stumble into; this is a remarkably friendly place filled for the most part with people that are extremely easy to get along with.

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