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Thought it would be fun practice to make a quick[ish] edit of my ponysona, Render! not 100% finished as there are some touch ups to be done but this is the majority bit of what i've done


here's the before for reference as well, i used an official image of izzy: (i would've preferred to use zip, but I didn't feel like drawing the horn lol)



EDIT; Here's another I did of my oc, Bubble Tea! For Render's, I used part of Izzy's mane and tail, but for Bubble Tea I did the entire mane and tail myself, so it's not *quite* as accurate or realistic looking, but I think it still turned out ok considering I'm not a realism artist! (Bubble's hair also has a certain level of physics-defying anyways; after all, she was designed in 2D)


and the original:


Edited by bubbleteapony
adding another ^-^
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Looks so good!:P You're great at editing, i wish i had such editing skills. I already have 2 ponysonas for G5, a pegasus because i would love to fly like one, and a unicorn because i am kinda similar to the unicorns in G5, they have a weird obsessive behavior and as someone with OCD i can kinda relate.

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  • bubbleteapony changed the title to My Ponies as a G5 Characters

thanks guys! the compliments mean a lot, as I'm still very new to photomanipulation and editing :BrightMacContent: I added another edit I did of my other oc and namesake, Bubble Tea!

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