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Need Help Coming Up With A Name For My Ponysona

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Hey Every Pony,

I have an oc that I can't seem to come up with a good name. If anybody has any ideas that would be awesome!

Species: Pegasus

Age: Teen/Adult

Cutie Mark: A black guitar with leaves as wings. It gives a meaning of love and connection towards music and nature.


-likes to explore at random forest's while sometimes playing or listening to music.

-likes to be creative with art, it is a small hobby of his since he was a child.

-He also has a big love towards animals.

-likes to read fantasy and historical books


-the ones who have no thought or sense to what their causing/saying that brings other pony's pain.

-those that will bring drama, or criticism.

-Does not condone with violence's unless if needed to defend himself and his loved ones.

-Anything that's unorganized or a mess

Personality Trait: Creativity, Introversion, loyalty, sincerity, Curiosity.

Weakness: Overly sensitive, Very private, Easily overwhelmed, Conflict Avoider.

Strengths: Creative Mind, Insightful, Empathizing with others, Compassion.

Small Things about my oc:

- His mother is a pegasi and his father is an earth pony

- Was born on Cloudsdale, but due to his dad unable to walk on clouds. They decided to move and raise him on ponyville.

- He is not the best at flying, nor can he fly up high because of his fear with heights.

- Is currently a student at School of friendship

- Has a pet cat.


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I generally am creative enough with names (i think?) so let's see what i can do for yours..

Emerald Breeze (because his mane color is emerald-like and he's introverted, so basically silent like a breeze)

Meadow Melody (because he likes nature and has a guitar cutie mark)


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Ok, it was a lot of thinking, but I have decided to go with Sparklefan1234 idea on naming him Nature Song! Thank you everyone who had commented your suggestions! I appreciated it :D

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