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Ask Creepybloom [Revived]


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Evil CreepyBloom*demonic echo in her voice* Hello everypony it me Creepybloom I came from an world of shadow, everypony and everything are pur evils and Dangerous.  so ask me anything.




No shipping questions.
No hate questions against the characters.
No inappropriate questions -she an Demonic kids for crying out loud!

No one-word responses.
Please be clear with your questions so our characters can answer them properly.
No repetitive questions. 

-Troll and I'll simply ignore it and if it gets bad enough I have no problem reporting you.

-Keep the questions within reason (keep it within the MLP universe)

-No insulting (goes hand and hand with trolling)

-Don't answer for me.

-Of course all forum rules still apply.

-Try to always use proper grammar [guide].

Common Q&A

Why didn't you answer my question

I always check to make sure I've replied to everyone's questions however if I feel as though you are trolling I won't reply.


What if I don't like the way you play as Creepybloom?


I'm open to suggestions so feel free to tell me if I am messing something up img-1271032-2-smile.png. Or if you just want to hate...






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I’m assuming this is the original: https://mlpforums.com/topic/194890-ask-evils-creepybloom/

Please do not create a duplicate AMA thread shortly after the original was made due to a lack of replies. What you can do is give the original a bump. However, don’t abuse it that.

Locking and referring you back to the first AMA..


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