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What would the Mane 6 be if they were food?


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Pinkie Pie= Cupcake
Twilight Sparkle = Taffy
Rarity = Marshmallow
Applejack = Apple
Rainbow Dash = Rainbow Sherbet
Fluttershy = Dunno. This one's got me stumped.

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  • The title was changed to What would the Mane 6 be if they were food?

Heya there! I altered your title a little bit just to make it clear for those who see it. Make sure you make your titles clear so that way people will know what you're talking/asking about! Thank you

As far as the Mane 6 Being foods

Rarity: Marshmallow

Pinkie Pie: Airhead

Rainbow Dash: Rainbow Cake

Applejack: Apple Pie

Fluttershy: A loaf of bread

Twilight Sparkle: An italian dish of some sort

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Rarity: scones

Pinkie: cupcakes, pies, and cotton candy

Rainbow: some unholy combination of Skittles and hot sauce

Applejack: apples

Fluttershy: assorted herbs

Twilight: anything but cheese :mustache:


But in all actuality, this reminds me of that art series by Tsitra360, who drew the mane six with corresponding deserts. 

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Rainbow Dash: Blue bubblegum sherbet with skittles or rainbow sprinkles
Applejack: Apple crumble
Fluttershy: Banana and strawberry porridge
Rarity: Forest berry trifle
Twilight Sparkle: Purple cabbage salad
Pinkie Pie: Cotton Candy s'mores

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Well 2 are obvious:
Pinkie Pie - Cakes, Candy, and other sweets and sugary foods
Applejack - Apple related foods

Though the other 4 are difficult to decipher on if they were food, but in my honest opinion, these are what they would be

Rarity - Fancy Quizine foods, literal foods from old times, like "royal" dishes from Great Britain.
Fluttershy - Vegan Dishes, like tofu or veggie patties. She would never eat an animal to be honest.
Rainbow Dash - Sports food/drinks, like Gatorade. Probably mixed with rainbows in it due to her reputation of being Rainbow Dash.
Twilight - Normal food, but most likely a healthy choice based on scientific research.

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