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web Would you recommend IMDb?


Would you recommend IMDb?  

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Half. If the rating is great, it does not mean that you are going to like the movie. However, if the rating is something like 2 I probably would not watch the movie, unless someone I know recommended it to me.

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I've never used it for ratings – and from what I've seen, most films seem to have a mediocre rating (I guess that makes sense, but there's still surprisingly little difference on a 1 to 10 scale). It's a good source for information on films and series, apart from some errors that are inevitable when anyone can contribute.

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I'll be honest. I keep forgetting that the site even exists as I usually don't think of it when it comes to wanting to know about certain aspects of a movie, cartoon, television show, etc.

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I use IMDb to keep track of all the movies I've watched, but for ratings no, because everyone's vote counts towards the overall rating, so naturally that can lead to some problems. My advice to others is to watch whatever interests you and be the judge yourself.

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I mostly use it to see if any Dragalia Lost voice actor did work for pastel horses. I wouldn’t trust ratings, as audience ratings can rate bomb, and “professionals” focus on irrelevant crap instead of actual quality 

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