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Is the G5 gonna be a target audience of all ages or just the usual one (ages 2-11)


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I hope they do, even though it's a kids show it doesn't just have to appeal to children. More children's are beginning to step out of that kiddy theme anyways. I don't expect it to be like Pony Life though.

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I think it's important to have a specific age demographic in mind. They're still gonna focus on young children and that is fine. If they try to appeal to all ages, they might end up going too cynical or edgy, which will take away from the comforting and innocent charm on the franchise. We already have proof the series will remain for little kids, I think. We have Level 1 learning-to-read books coming out in the future, and pretty much all the MLPG5 clothes available in my country are too small for even my 8-year-old sister.

The movie was made with wider appeal because it was a mainstream movie originally planned to be a theatrical release. They had to think about movie critics and parents. However, I believe the G5 specials and series will have a more child-like tone because little kids will be the main ones watching and they don't have to worry as much about parents and critics this time. Maybe not as child-like as Paw Patrol though. I can imagine something similar in tone to the Trolls: The Beat Goes On and TrollsTopia shows. They're not that complex and are even more light-hearted than the movies but make up for it with a lot of humor, nice character dynamics, and songs.

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