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Request Need artwork for band YouTube Channel (Non-MLP)

Emerald Heart

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Hi everyone!

@Renegade the Unicorn, @Cagey and I have formed a cover band, and I am in charge of editing/running the YouTube Channel.

Which brings us to this---


I need a YouTube Layout!


Banner, watermark, profile pic. 


We need something!


We're called "The Sum-Thyngs" so...  yeah.


And if it helps, it's two guys and one girl.



If anyone is willing to hit us up, here are the dimensions:

Banner: 2048x1152

Watermark: 150x150

Profile Pic: 98x98

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idk what exactly your after design wise but im fairly good when i comes to logo/profile pic type stuff i think, few examples


Havnt done a watermark before but think a vectoring program like i use would be good for it, and banner would depend one what your after.

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Anything that vibes "I don't know what to call this band"

(Since we're "The Sum-Thyngs")

I think you'd be good for a watermark. 

No pony stuffs tho.

I can probably design the banner myself, now that I think about it.

I like the setup for the one on the left. With the name on the bottom.

Maybe something like that? Just with no poniez?


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3 minutes ago, PhantomThorns said:

Bit of a first attempt, can easily move stuff around, change colors, font of the text, ect


that's nice!

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Moments ago, Kujamih said:

@Emerald Heart

something like this is what I imagine to make your work uniquerer and this way you have contribution in it. sketch-1637295359640.thumb.jpg.d41dc8e744657e8b0a443dd88048290c.jpg

not the final work


Oh that's also awesome! That would be a sweet design for the banner.

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7 hours ago, PhantomThorns said:

Oh true, that could work


genius! how bout instead the Mike keyboard and guitar..... why not put the stuff that represents each member of the band. an item that deaply represents you?

and also costumized question mark aswell!!! 

I love this brainstorming!

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2 hours ago, Kujamih said:


hey! awesome work! btw the band name is sum thyngs....

how bout you put a "plus" sign in the period part? ADD some spice at the center ? hehe forgive the puns. 

what you think?

I think no.

I like the way it is.

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