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How would you rate the awesomeness of Celestia and Luna?


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I love Celestia and Luna with all of my heart and they are my favorite ponies ever! :LunaMCM:

They have been through so much and still, they love each other as sisters should! 1000 years couldn’t keep them apart and I find that very inspiring! :sunbutt::LunaMCM:

1000000000/10!!! :sunbutt:


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Oh... let's see....


  • Awesomeness: 9.5
  • Radicalness: 7.5
  • Coolness: 5  (Sorry, you're a little dorky, Tia)



  • Awesomeness: 8.5
  • Radicalness: 6.5
  • Coolness: 11  B)


Final scores:

  • Tia: 22
  • Luna: 26

Winner: :orly:

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