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oc art dump time


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hello there fellow gamers, i have done a few erm, i wouldn't call that art but sure.



so first of, here i the cover of a magasin, i suppose, like...... yeah.451115314_votedmosthandsomestallionoftheyear.thumb.png.66a4e951a08021fecb22855eccf88752.png


then we have like something less nice, piece of lore but nether the less terribly terribleigotlazyagain.thumb.png.62ade5d9eed736810fbde60dd2a8d4ea.png



an other of those random lore bits one.









and then the least bad.



anyways, i've just ended my internshi^p, so like, i hated it and decided enough was enough. i'll be finding a job in a bit, just gotta rest for a little while


anyways, ts'all for tday. See ya around everypony!:squee:


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