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Let's talk about Spike's dynamic with Starlight, okay? Okay.


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I posted this on Reddit, and I'm still late to this but still after that season 6 premiere, some actually started to shipped these two, that or just really liked their dynamic together, me being one of them. There are episodes like "The Crystalling","Every Little Thing She Does", "All Bottled Up", and I especially loved them together in "A Matter of Principals", even though Discord was ABSOLUTELY INSUFFERABLE!!!

Now here's what I love about them, I always enjoy how supportive Spike is to her whenever she feels remorseful, vulnerable, confused, or even doubtful. Honestly, in my opinion, he's more of a good friend than Twilight is to her.

What I absolutely ADORE about this is that people don't realize, Spike isn't scared OF Starlight, he's scared FOR Starlight, and "A Matter of Principals" proves my point cause when she (rightfully and unexpectedly) banished Discord to another dimension, he wasn't afraid like the students, though concerned about Discord and after Starlight was feeling guilty, he convinced her how she should've tried to talk with him. It goes to show you that Spike wants Starlight to be okay, better, happy, etc.

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