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movies/tv RIP Sydney Poitier


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I'm not very familiar with Hollywood in general. For example, today I forgot Richard Dean Amderson's name despite having grown up with MacGyver and Stargate, along with having bought an autograph of his for my step father this past Christmas. So unfortunately I didn't know anything about Sir Sidney Poiter, and I haven't seen any of his work. For those like me who didn't know, here is an extremely simplified summary of his career fame.

His parents were Tomato farmers from the Bahamas while it was still a British colony, and would often travel to Florida. His mother just so happened to give birth to him in Miami, automatically granting him joint American citizenship. At age 16, he moved to New York, and joined a theater group, eventually finding his way into films, becoming the first African American to ever recieve an Academy Award nomination. He would pave the way for others by breaking away from stereotypical roles, performing as someone of strong and noble character, who could hold themselves up with dignity and equal footing where he could. He'd also take on roles that directly challenged ideas of the day on race and race relations. For his hardwork in Hollywood and towards achieving progress for black actors through the Civil Rights Era, he would eventually win Best Actor at the Oscar's, another first for an African American, and recieve a Knighthood as well as the Presidential Medal of Freedom. However, one of the happiest moments of his life was becoming a survivor, and beating prostate cancer which he was diagnosed with in 1993. He'd been ailing for the past few years, having suffered a fall. Officially his cause of death has been revealed as being due to natural causes.


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God bless him. Truly legendary and a strong personality on screen. My favorite of his films, ‘A Patch of Blue’ is a great movie that I watch on a regular basis. Sad to see him go, but at least he left us a lot of great movies to remember him by. Rest in peace, Mr. Poitier. 

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