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Hippogriffs turn into sea creatures?


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Hey TV shows are allowed to make some liberties. There's a reason why there's a trope Subgroup that's called "Our Monsters are Different". if you click on the Laconic button there it sums the Trope up as "The original (Insert Creature here) myths couldn't keep the details straight, either."

It helps to make a new mythologies for the creature that are technically non-existent anyway. Give us something new to work with and tell stories that can give us a new perspective on life

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Also I found this under the Trope: Our Mermaids are Different under the folder Western Animation looking for bullet point that talks about Friendship is Magic:


Seaponies feature prominently in the 2017 movie. These ones resemble hippocampi much more than they do previous seaponies, having large, colorful tail fins and crests, sinuous bodies and forelegs ending in fins. They weren't always seaponies — they used to be hippogriffs, but used powerful magic to take forms that would allow them to hide from the Storm King when he rose to power. When the pony main characters are transformed by the same magic, they take forms more closely resembling previous mermares, with the addition of a fin on their tails with their cutie mark. They continue to appear in Season 8 of the show, some willingly changing back and forth thanks to carrying a fragment of the original pearl of transformation.


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On 2022-01-10 at 1:26 AM, Denis said:

I did some research on hippogriffs and never did it mention that hippogriffs turn into a search creature. Why is that so in Mlp?

The only reason this happens in the cartoon is because they wanted more characters for the marketing department. Which is not something I consider wrong, but I think that the movie might have benefited with some more of hippogriffs (since it introduces them) and less of Capper, Celaeno and her crew, Kluggetown and the seaponies.

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