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We need some good ol’ classic arcade FPSs. Too much generic military vomit green and browns FPSs :scoots:. Ion Fury should be a solid recommendation, considering only other recent good FPSs that come to mind are Wolfenstein New Order, Doom, and Doom Eternal :mlp_icwudt:

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31 minutes ago, ExplosionMare said:

What’s that about? :ooh:

It's a strategy game. You can control up to 4 agents per mission and you have to fight aliens who invaded the earth. I think the gameplay reminds me the most of Valkyria Chronicles, it's pretty unique. :) Each agent has a specific amount of Steam. If you wanna shoot with a weapon once, it costs 2 - 4 steam. You can walk freely, but the ground has a grid. So if you move, it costs 1 steam per tile as well.

The aliens are just "dumb" and ugly monsters, so they are not very interesting. :coco: But the characters are fully voiced! I consider the game pretty hard too, but it becomes very easy when using the Lucina and Robin amiibo.

The game is for the 3DS and didn't sell well, I even saw the game for only 5€ - 10€ before, completely new!

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