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We all know how Equestria was united. Hearthswarming brings with it a message of unity that the masses adore: The three tribes overcoming their suspicions of one another and defeating the wendigos together.

Historians, as they often do, would inform us how much more complicated that fateful night was. Indeed, it was the very thing that helped form the tribes in the first place that made them tricky to unite: Religion.

The three tribes held a variety of deities to worship yet, all too often, your tribe determined who you follow. Earth Ponies had near universal praise for the Black Goat: the god of fertility and family. Most had little time for any other gods. Unicorns were more varied with their artisan workforce having more time to devote, but tended to gravitate to Dionysus: The god of feasting and the arts. Pegasi, so eager to bolster their own glory, would have the most even spread of worship across the pantheon. Some even went so far as to worship the nature gods, whom you would know as wendigos. Even the pegasi had their favorites though. Many among them would call upon Shu Da Mel to bring death to their enemies and commemorate their fallen.

It would all lead to a trying time reconciling these differences. The leaders historically were much more cynical toward the pantheon and their superstitious subjects, but even they would find themselves bickering over faith on the first Heathswarming. Although, we all know how that day ended.

However, a nation does not change overnight, and it would be the proceeding era that would prove most critical for the growing superpower of Equestria: The Cataclysm.

The gods are of little help. They have grown complacent with their near-guaranteed supply of followers and are not happy now that the old days, when they had to work hard to impress their mortal followers, seem to be coming back.

This is where you come in. Chancellor pudding head has passed to join Shu Da Mel’s great mausoleum. All are invited to attend Shu Da Mel’s celebration to remember all the good she’d done in life and to wish her a peaceful rest.

Your actions in the new era will shape the next, and historians may remember you for your critical roll in what is to come and the reconciliation of the inharmonious gods. All of this with the horrors of the wendigo invasion of frost and famine fresh in your mind.

Welcome, one and all, to the aftermath of Hearthswarming. Welcome to The New Pantheon!


Wow, that was exciting, but what's with the 'Voiced' in the title?:
This is a Role Play like any other, but instead of acting it out over text, we use a voice chat to portray our story. The RP has a dedicated Discord server where we meet every week for a session.

Interesting... but why?:
I believe there is a lot that can be lost over text, and voice chat can help convey the more subtle parts of English communication. Beyond that, there is a more important advantage: instant feedback. Let's say you tell a joke in your RP. In the written format, text does a horrendous job of conveying other people's reactions, and there is often a wide delay between when you post and when the other person reads it. Over voice, you hear the reaction and can instantly tell how your joke was received. This can do wonders for a tone, and help people keep their comedic streak if that's the kind of character they want to play.

Alright, the fact I'm still reading should tell you that I'm still interested. What do I need in order to play?:
All you need is a microphone that we can understand you through, a Discord account, and a character to submit. Create your character (or use one you've already created), describe it (or link to it), and post it here. If it interests me, then I'll DM you a link to the server.

Okay, but you said welcome One and all in your description, but I don't have a microphone/my character wasn't accepted. What gives?:
That's a pretty strong point, but my welcome was really an in-universe welcome. If you can't get inside the universe, then there's nothing I can do. I'm sorry, you're on your own at that point.

Okay, I've gotten into the universe, but I'm confused. You said I was in the underworld, but where's Cerberus? He's in the picture. Did you lie to me? How could you?:
That's my fault. That picture was sitting on my computer for a while and I forgot the 
source. It looked cool, so I used it, but it's not my art (as if I could make something that good). But no, Cerberus isn't around yet. He shows up a while after the story. So, if you really looking forward to Cerberus related adventures, then I'm really sorry. I falsely advertised that. I'd tell you to look for a RP that does have Cerberus, but I don't see any of those around, so your out of luck there. Sorry again.

Anyway, that's Pantheon! Make sure your weekend's free, and don't forget to bring your microphones.

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