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Is life more difficult without Paypal?


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Sometimes, you might get banned on Paypal due to a scammer, being unable to pay a hefty debt, or some crime that you committed. And Paypal's customer service has been notoriously inefficient, making bans effectively lifetime bans.

I am asking this because I was caught up in a scam, and am struggling with chargebacks just to finish a product (which was to be done on February 8), and I am very worried. I want to know, is life more difficult after you get banned from Paypal, or not using it at all?

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I don't use PayPal so I don't know. My life is just fine using my bank's own bankcard to pay for things (which is secure and works worldwide). PayPal was mostly just asking you to put in your bank's info, which to me sounds like a scam to begin with. You should never give away your bank/credit card info online to anyone without knowing how that information is used.

I know that PayPal was really big like 10 years ago. I haven't paid attention to it for years, so it has either not been important, or it has become obsolete.

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Im using paypal now and then and so far it has been rather practically, but for me it also dont have such a big influence of my life that I would say my life would be more difficult without it

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Um I know I’ve had some pretty negative experiences with PayPal’s customer service in the past from being scammed.

Like they would never get back to me. It wasn’t until I threatened to get my bank involved that they bothered to respond to me. They ruled in my favor ofc because I paid for stuff that never got shipped and the seller stopped responding.


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