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request OC Adoption: Looking for someone to adopt my MLP OC [CLAIMED]

Emerald Heart

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Hi guys!

I randomly made this while bored, and am never gonna use her.

Her name is Seline, and her special talent is talking to the dead.

If anyone wants her, she's up for grabs.

First come, first serve.

Side note: If I ever make more OCs that I don't need, I'll post 'em here.


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  • The title was changed to OC Adoption: Looking for someone to adopt my MLP OC [CLAIMED]

Good to see she was adopted. Many of these ghosts only wish to be acknowledged. To be witnessed. To be understood. So, they can go in peace.
The experience of life can very polizaring for the purpose of diversifying the understanding of the ONE. Sometimes the fears and trauma of these aspects define a more limited perception of truth, which they embody in this polarizing stage of comedy and tragedy. Losing perspective of who they really are, becoming afraid and lost and unaware. And sometimes it can very confusing for the aspects of one. Creating much unnecessary suffering.
I can feel for the consciousness lost in the electromagnetic field. Whether fictional or otherwise. Even if we co-exist and co-create this reality together, like an illusion. Their pain, much like ours, can be very real.
So many dreams, unfulfilled. I hope she can help ease their burdens, and facilitate their return home. So, they can see the light again and be embraced in unconditional love.

Because it was our embodiment of unconditional love that was sacrificed in order to create this conditional reality.

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8 minutes ago, Starforce said:

@They call me Loyalty

Since she is mine, I am going to say what she does is goes around and resolves hauntings. She helps the ghosts move on in peace, and is talented in detecting and talking to them.

Sounds litt!

If you ever make a Character Page for her, I wanna see it!

(Also, give me credit for the image)

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