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Thanks to my love of the Pixar film Luca from 2021, I came up with my sea monster form based on the character. And even been thinking about writing a story that happened alongside the events of Luca.

While I provided a great summary of Sea Monster Will's backstory in his character sheet, I came up with lyrics based on Little Mermaid's Part of That World to go with my character.

It has been several days since I first transformed into a sea monster and while I accept the fact I'm a sea monster, I worry about what others would think if they found out. 

(To myself) "If only I can find a place where I belong. I mean being a sea monster is awesome, but if only there were others...like me"

(Sings first verse in my room admiring my stuff) 

Look at this stuff

Isn't it neat?

Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?

Wouldn't you think I'm the guy

The guy whose life's everything?


Found on the beach

By American mother

Raised and loved by an Italian father

Looking around here you'd think

Sure, he's got everything


I've got Italian and English books a-plenty

They tell me everything skies seas and shore

You want Disney Records?

I've got twenty!

But who cares?

No big deal

I want more

(I step out onto the balcony overlooking the plaza and look out toward the Portorosso Harbor, imagining fishes and sea creatures out there moving with my song)


I wanna be where the fishes are

I wanna see, wanna see 'em swimming

Using all their many, what's the Italian word?

Oh, pinne (fins)


Kicking your legs, you don't get too far

Fins are required for diving, ascending

Breaching right out of the, what's Italian for that?

Superficie (surface)


Down where they float, down where they dive

Down where they breach the waves to the sky

Swimming' free, wish I could be

Part of that world

(I made my way outside onto the quiet late-at-night plaza and over to the shoreline with the waves coming near my feet. As I sing the next verse I let the water transform me, going up to my waist, shaking my tail near the end)


What would I give if I could live down where they sing their songs?

What would I pay to spend a day with my watery whims?

Bet'cha undersea they can finally see

Bet they know exactly where they belong

Shy hermit crab boy, seeking his own joy

I'm ready to swim

(I Dive into the water taking on sea monster form and navigate through the harbor towards the buoy that marks the borders of Portorosso from the Open Ocean)


And ready to see if there's others like me

But there's just one thing that makes me wary

What'll Land folk do if they learn what I am, will they have me...


Or give a big hand?

Will I know, know any others from that world down below?

(I reach out towards the open ocean. My own insecurities and my worried that there might not be others out there are holding me back)


Under the sea

Wish I could be

Part of that world

(I stare longingly out to the open ocean until eventually I would head back home and go to sleep)

End of song section.

That's the first time the song is brought up. There's a reprise and a finale part. But for now what do you guys think of this?

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