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Hello everyone. I traveled across time and space from Portorosso Italy in the late 1960s to mingle with the land people. My adopted parents named me Guglielmo Falsapista but I prefer the English version William Red Herring. I'm really good friends with Luca Paguro,  Alberto Scorfano, and Giulia Marcovaldo so I can answer a few questions you might have for them on their behalf.

One of my powers makes me an oracle. I can see into the past president future so your questions don't necessarily have to be restricted to one time period. Also as a lifelong Disney fan growing up in the 50s and 60s (got that from my adopted American mother) I was lucky to meet the man Walt Disney himself when he visited Portorosso in the early 60s. So don't be afraid to ask Disney-related questions, whether it's the '60s, before the 60s and all the way to the present of the 21st century and beyond!

Basically just ask me anything and I should answer to the best of my ability

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Well I guess if no one's going to ask me any questions I might as well just tell you a little bit about myself instead.

Beside the sea monster side of me, growing up in the late 1950s and early '60s and Portorosso Italy wasn't always easy. For one thing my adopted mother was the only native English speaker due to her upbringing back in America before World War II. So even though I was raised from when I was found as the ordinary human baby, to the point where I could understand Italian and English in my mind I always think in American English. Whenever Italian words hit my ear my mind always translated into English. And it's also a reason why I'm always so shy about meeting new people since a part of me doesn't quite feel comfortable having to always speak Italian to be understood by my peers. Heck I even had a hard time talking with Guilia despite her being awesome at speaking her mind and not letting bullies like Ercole walk over her. Even though she's the daughter of my father's childhood friend and about my age, I hardly say anything to her outside of business transactions

And I was always afraid how people would think about me if I were to open my mouth to speak. In a way I guess you can say I lost my voice like a certain other little sea creature. And yet when Luca and Alberto came to town, because they were initially planning only to stay in town to win the race to pay for a Vespa, I figured that since they're only going to be here for a short while, what does it matter if I say something to them and they don't like me? They'll probably just leave town when they get their Vespa and I'd never see them again anyway. To be honest this bit of logic did made it so I started to talk more often coming a bit more out of my shell. One day during training week I spent the day with Luca and another day I spent the day with Alberto getting to know them. And even though I had suspicion about what they really were, I kept all my suspicions to myself and looking back at it now it's a good thing I got to know them first as humans before discovering for sure that they were sea monsters like me. Had I known they were sea monsters like me from the very beginning I likely would have only liked them just for being Sea Monsters and not for what they really were, human or otherwise.

I suppose I'll tell more about my one on one interaction with the boys some other day

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